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For some, the first time they heard about kratom it was because the federal government released a statement claiming this traditional herbal remedy was an opioid. A negative first impression indeed, considering this plant has many healing capabilities. From pain relief to a burst of clean and long-lasting energy, order College Park kratom powder, capsule, and leaf supplements online from Original Harvest Kratom, a leading vendor of certified organic Mitragyna speciosa products offering delivery across the United States.

Is kratom an opioid?

For all intents and purposes, no – kratom is not an opioid. It does, however, work on the same receptors as opioid medications like codeine and morphine to produce potent analgesic effects.

The active chemicals in kratom (officially known as Mitragyna speciosa) are alkaloids – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – that interact with the same receptors as opioids, namely, mu and delta receptors. The key difference is that, although the effects are similar, they are nowhere near as damaging to the respiratory system, and kratom on its own has not been associated with any fatal occurrences.

Does Mitragyna speciosa get you high?

A common misconception about Mitragyna speciosa, and one of the reasons many liken it to opioid medications, is that kratom will cause intense euphoric side effects. While it’s true some patients have reported experiencing mild euphoria with M speciosa, it is not comparable to what is experienced when taking opioid medications.

What do people use kratom for?

In Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Vietnam, kratom was mainly a source of clean-burning energy that allowed laborers to get through the day without succumbing to fatigue (mental or physical). In North America, patients tend to prefer Mitragyna speciosa for its analgesic qualities, and its potential to assist those addicted to opioid medications in withdrawing from them in a safer, more comfortable manner.

Is it legal to buy kratom in College Park?

Only a handful of states have sought to legally regulate the sale and consumption of kratom, but Maryland has not joined this list. Residents of Maryland cities like College Park are able to buy kratom supplements for personal use.

Kratom for sale in College Park

You’ll find a lot of copy-cats out there, but there can only be one Original Harvest Kratom, providing patients in Maryland with the finest quality College Park kratom powders, capsules, and leaf products available on the market. Our kratom, grown by our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia, is lab-tested to guarantee purity and calibre. Nothing but the best for our valued customers. With delivery across the United States, a natural solution to your physical and mental stress is but a few clicks away.

“I used to be a coffee nut but then I started using kratom and I don’t drink coffee anymore. That’s an extra $8 in my pocket at the end of the day! But seriously, I feel so much better after cutting out the unnecessary caffeine, no more crash in the afternoon. If I’m really tired, sometimes I’ll take a second dose around mid-day, although never too close to the late afternoon or else I find I can’t get to sleep. But I have to say even my sleep is better. It’s been great!”

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