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Kratom, the controversial therapeutic remedy out of Southeast Asia, offers patients suffering from conditions like chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, mental health disorders, and more, a natural alternative treatment for their suffering. It isn’t a controlled substance – yet. Though there is little research, sanctioned or unsanctioned, the federal government seeks to regulate the sale and use of this plant, which they recently classified as an opioid. The truth is, kratom may act like an opioid, but it is not one. See the results for yourself when you shop for Laurel kratom powder, capsules, and loose-leaf supplements from Original Harvest Kratom, a leading vendor of certified organic Mitragyna speciosa supplements offering delivery across the country.

What is kratom addiction?

The federal government considers kratom an opioid because the chemicals in the plant, alkaloids (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) work on opioid receptors in the brain (mu and delta) and produce effects that are very similar, even a kind of mild euphoria, which has led to kratom being considered a “legal high”. Mitragyna speciosa does not effect these receptors with the same intensity, however, and don’t effect the respiratory system, a leading cause in overdoses related to opioid use.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to overdose from kratom, seeing as you would be sick before you were able to ingest the amount needed to cause an overdose.

Kratom for sale in Laurel

A unique quality of kratom, it can provide different effects depending on the amount taken. Smaller doses tend to be stimulating, which explains why many people have opted to replace their daily cup of joe with a kratom shake – you experience the same level of alertness and productivity without any jittery crash.

Higher doses of Mitragyna speciosa, on the other hand, can produce serious pain relief, so effective that it has been successfully used to replace opioid medications altogether. Not to mention it can lessen withdrawal symptoms from the former chemicals, making it easier for patients to wean off these harsh drugs once and for all.

Is Mitragyna speciosa legal in Laurel?

Since 2004, when it was first introduced to patients in the US, Mitragyna speciosa has been earning a dedicated following (the American Kratom Association is on of the strongest advocates) who vocally support the product in the news and in front of government. As it stands, there are only nine states in America that follow the “Thailand defense” against kratom, where kratom is believed to have been decriminalised because of its potential for abuse.

Maryland officials hold a much more relaxed view of kratom and it is still legal for patients in this state to purchase and use kratom.

Buy kratom in Laurel

Be it for pain relief or an energetic pick-me-up, If you ever consider incorporating kratom into your healthy lifestyle, always purchase your Laurel kratom capsules, powders, and leaf from respected sources, like Original Harvest Kratom, offering delivery of our products across the country. Our company sources our kratom supplements from our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia, and every batch is lab-tested by a third-party lab to guarantee purity and freshness. Peruse our selection of potent strains – Red, Green, Yellow, and White, you’re sure to find something to suit your specific needs.

“I started taking kratom because I heard it was good to treat opioid addictions, and it has been really helpful for that, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be so good at helping sort out anxiety and depression. I’ve suffered from some serious psychological disorders my whole life, and I feel like I’ve been buried under medication. None of them worked as well as kratom, though. I know they say kratom causes dependence, but so do prescription meds, and at last kratom isn’t dangerous if you stop taking it suddenly. Honestly, taking kratom has made it so that I can live my life. I just take a low dose and take breaks. Thanks to Original Harvest for having such a great product.”

Zoe L.,

Laurel, USA

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