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Buy kratom in Haverhill

A traditional herbal remedy out of Southeast Asia, kratom leaves have been chewed or brewed into tea for decades by farmers and labourers looking for relief from pain, clean-burning energy, and even to reduce symptoms of opiate withdrawal. In North America, you can have high quality, certified organic Haverhill kratom powders, capsules and loose-leaf products delivered to your front door when you order online with Original Harvest Kratom.

What determines the effectiveness of kratom?

Kratom leaves are harvested and then subjected to a drying and curing process before they are powered, packaged, and sent on their way to American consumers. It’s during the drying process that your favorite strain earns its colors. Other factors that determine this include how the leaves are fermented, how much sunlight they receive, whether they receive artificial light, or whether they are dried indoors or out.

Location is key when curing and drying kratom for consumption. Green strains are usually processed in an air-conditioned room with little to no access to light, and then transferred outside. White vein strains are also dried indoors and kept away from light sources. Red veins, on the other hand, are either fermented (inside in a bag) or placed in direct sunlight or under a UV lamp.

What are Mitragyna speciosa alkaloids?

Also essential to the effectiveness of kratom, alkaloids. These are chemicals that occur within the plant at different levels depending on the region the plant grew, the weather, even the content of the soil. Over 40 different alkaloids have been isolated from Mitragyna speciosa, but of these, the most prevalent are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, both of which are considered opioid agonists because of their interaction with our opioid receptors.

It’s this interaction and the ensuing effects that have led to the classification of kratom as an opioid by governing agencies – it’s connection with the mu and delta opioid receptors produces analgesic and euphoric effects, though the euphoria (or mood enhancement) pales in comparison to what one experiences on opioid medications. There is also no risk of respiratory depression from kratom.

Can I legally buy kratom in Haverhill?

Only nine states in America have decided to ban the use and distribution of kratom, most often basing this decision off the model enacted by Thailand, a country where kratom grows natively. In the 70s, the Thai government banned the sale and use of kratom, giving off the impression that their reasoning was its high potential for abuse and addiction, though others believe it was more politically minded.

In Massachusetts, kratom products like powders and capsules are legal to buy and use, although responsible use is advocated by M speciosa proponents and advocate groups like the American Kratom Association.

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There’s only one way to get consistently high-quality Haverhill kratom powders, capsules and leaf supplements delivered to your front door, and that’s to order online with Original Harvest Kratom. We carry over 50 different varieties of superior kratom strains, certified organic and cultivated by our partner farm in Indonesia. We also submit every batch for lab-testing by a third-party laboratory to guarantee purity. We believe in our products, but we also know that not every strain is right for our valued customers. That’s why each order is backed by our industry-standard 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, allowing you to return any unopened package for a refund.

“I initially started taking kratom to help me with my anxiety disorder, and it worked amazingly. But on top of that, it has also helped me to quit drinking – I’ve been an alcoholic for 12 years! Kratom is truly a God send. And Original Harvest supplies the best. Keep kratom legal!”

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