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Kratom is a tropical plant, thriving in climates that are humid and sunny, like Indonesia and Thailand. A favorite remedy of Southeast Asian locals, these plants benefit from the unique climates of their different environments, which produce different concentrations of alkaloids – the active chemical – in each strain. There are dozens of kratom strains to choose from, and you can buy your favorite kratom powder, capsules, or leaf supplement online from Original Harvest Kratom, with door-to-door North American delivery.

What makes kratom work?

The medical community that we know today has come a long way from its roots, which were once grounded in soil. Herbal remedies have been employed for time untold to treat the human condition, but at some point we decided that medication made in the lab was more effective than what was gifted us by this green Earth.

Fortunately, society is coming back around the wonders of nature, and kratom is regaining its reputation as a potent pain reliever (among other beneficial properties). The inner mechanism of kratom’s cellular success is the action of alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine on the opioid receptors in the human body (mu, delta, and kappa). Mitragyna speciosa alkaloids bind with opioid receptors to send signals that block pain and increase happiness, a key reason advocates believe in kratom over prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

How safe is kratom?

With kratom’s current status as an opioid (technically, an opioid receptor agonists), there’s debate around whether it should be classified a Schedule 1 drug and banned. M speciosa has sedating qualities and if combined with other narcotics, the results could be disastrous. Key, here, though, is that on its own, kratom is safe. Even kratom strains that are labelled as having stimulating or fast effects may eventually taper off into sedative relaxation, and for this reason it’s always recommended that patients imbibing kratom should not operate heavy machinery or engage in activities that require focus and concentration to keep themselves and those around them safe.

Can I legally buy kratom in Newton?

Mitragyna speciosa can be bought and used in Massachusetts cities like Newton. The FDA has been looking into kratom for some time now, although they have not allocated any funds towards research that would prove or disprove the claims of kratom’s efficacy and safety. A late 2018 endowment to the research department at the University of Florida may help reverse this opinion, although in the government’s defence, they are waiting until more research has been put forth before making a definitive ruling on whether to change the classification of this plant which is, at present, a nuisance.

Kratom for sale in Newton

Authenticity and purity are sacred – kratom that has been “beefed up” with additives or other chemicals won’t leave you feeling your best. If you want to experience the full healing powers of Mitragyna speciosa, buy your kratom powder, capsules, or leaf supplements in Newton online from Original Harvest Kratom. We take great pride in our products, which are all certified organic and grown by our partners in Indonesia. We guarantee our customers satisfaction – not only is every batch of kratom lab-tested by a third party to prove we haven’t (and would never) doctor it in any way, but we also offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee that allows our customers to return any delivered product that has not been opened.

“I started taking kratom last year because I was looking for something to help me deal with my awful anxiety. I couldn’t function in the morning, would spend huge chunks of time hiding from my family. I didn’t take it every day but when I did I was able to be productive and spend time with my kids. This year I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I take meds for that but the anxiety still seeps through, so a couple of times a week I take kratom. I’m glad I’ve been able to incorporate some natural healing into my journey, I’m not a big fan of chemicals. I tried a few different brands but I came back to Original Harvest because they’re kratom is the purest, I feel like the results are faster, last longer, and there’s no headache.”

Jeffrey P.,

Newton, USA

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