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Although kratom has been in North America for over a decade, there’s still a lot for us to learn about this magnificent plant and its healing capabilities. Like, did you know that the strength of a kratom strain is dependant on the method with which it is dried? Buy fast and slow kratom powder, capsules, and leaf supplements online from Original Harvest Kratom, a leading retailer of superior quality Mitragyna speciosa products offering delivery from coast-to-coast.

How is kratom made?

Kratom originally grew wild in tropical climates of locations like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. At first, locals would simply harvest the leaves of these wild plants, but today they are cultivated by expert growers, and the leaves are harvested and cleaned before being processed.

  • To create kratom powder, the leaves are dried or fermented and dried either indoors or out, using natural sunlight, lamplight, or UV light.
  • Green strains are dried in an air-conditioned room with little to no light, and then left outside for an hour
  • White strains are dried entirely indoors in the dark
  • Red strains are dried via sunlight or lamp, or fermented in bas
  • Yellow strains are created by combining red and green or white and green

What makes kratom so potent?

The medical effects of kratom are caused by chemicals called alkaloids – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – that develop in the leaves. Because the plant thrives in various different locations across Southeast Asia, these alkaloids can develop in different concentrations, resulting in the variety of strains we know and love. Soil content and whether the area was in a rainy season also affect the alkaloid content of leaves. (Leaves harvested after a rainy season are usually less potent.)

Can I legally buy kratom in Plymouth?

Massachusetts residents seeking alternative treatment options will be able to find kratom strains for sale in Plymouth, as the plant remains legal in this state, despite the governments best attempts to classify Mitragyna speciosa as a “Schedule 1” narcotic, suggesting that it has no medical potential or use. Advocates like the American Kratom Association vocally disagree with this determination and continue to fight in defence of an herbal remedy that is saving lives.

Kratom for sale in Plymouth

Your health is valuable, don’t trust it to just anyone. When you want to buy kratom powder, capsules, or leaf supplements in Plymouth, turn to the experts – Original Harvest Kratom. Our online shop features dozens of potent, healing kratom strains. All our products are certified organic and have been lab-tested to guarantee purity and authenticity. You’ll never find additives or fillers in our Mitragyna speciosa. From finding sleep on those sleepless nights to pain relief and more, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, don’t worry – we provide a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on any unopened package.

“I’ve been taking kratom for anxiety but there was the unintended side effect that it helped me kick my alcohol addiction. Amazing, right? I’ve been drinking for over 10 years. I order red vein and white vein from Original Harvest. I’ve tried the yellow veins before, but I didn’t think they were strong enough. Of course, the extracts are too strong, so I settle for mixing my red and white. I like their kratom, it’s good stuff.”

Henry M.,

Plymouth, USA

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