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No matter where you shop for Mitragyna speciosa (although we do hope you’ll buy your kratom powders, capsules and leaf supplements online from Original Harvest Kratom – we offer delivery nationwide), you’ll come across an overwhelming number of kratom strains, each boasting a different effect. What gives?

Why are there so many kinds of kratom?

Kratom trees are originally from Southeast Asia, and while the countries that make up this region seem similar at first glance, the environments and climes of the different areas (how much it rains, temperature, humidity, soil acidity – all these things are important factors in the growth of a kratom plant) cause Mitragyna speciosa trees to produce different levels of clinically beneficial alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. A  “Bali” vein will originate in Bali, while “Indo” most likely come from Indonesia. Other strains, like Maeng Da, are named for the most pronounced effects.

You’ll notice every strain is classified by color. These distinctions are either attributed by the color of the stems and veins of a mature plant (Red Vein), the time during which it was picked (early or “young” in the case of Green and White vein) or a combination of two veins and a unique fermentation process (as with Yellow Vein).

Can I grow my own Mitragyna speciosa plant?

Unlike other herbal remedies like marijuana, kratom is not the easiest plant to grow. It requires a humid, tropical climate to thrive, an environment that’s relatively difficult to emulate in the United States. Does this mean that the prospect is impossible? Of course not, and you’re bound to find a handful of die-hard Mitragyna speciosa fans who will tell you they’ve got a flourishing kratom plant at home. The time and effort it takes to cultivate a tree, harvest and then complete the drying/fermentation process, however, makes it a ineffective endeavour in regards to cost and expense. May as well just stick to buying certified organic and authentic kratom products from companies like Original Harvest Kratom, who’ve got growth and production down to a science.

Is Kratom legal in Revere?

The legality of kratom is currently in question in America because of several reports claiming kratom’s role in fatal overdose cases. The silver lining, although kratom may have been abused by the participant, it has not been cited as the sole cause of overdose. Even the National Institute for Drug Addiction has amended the writings on their website to note that kratom use alone is not considered fatal.

In Massachusetts, kratom is legal to buy and use, which is a great relief to patients living in this state who are looking for alternative solutions to pain management or in search of a natural and effective remedy to kick opioid addiction without suffering through uncomfortable and severe withdrawal.

Kratom for sale in Revere

When it comes to kratom, you’ll surely find yourself coming across more than a handful of copycats and unscrupulous vendors looking to make a quick buck off the latest health care “fad”. Kratom should be unadulterated and pure. You’ll find nothing less when you buy kratom powder, capsules, and leaf supplements in Revere online from Original Harvest Kratom. Wes specialize in Mitragyna speciosa products that are certified organic and authentic – no additives, fillers, or extras in our supplements! Cultivated by our partner farm in Indonesia, every order we receive is lab-tested to prove authenticity before being packaged and shipped out to our happy customers.

“Kratom is a gam-changer. I’ve been on prescription meds for years to no success, I was still in pain and tired all the time because of it. Cut to now, I take a kratom supplement every other day. My pain has dramatically reduced, and I can function, I feel awake, I feel alive, I feel like a productive member of society. I can play with my nephews – they like to roughhouse. I can go for walks with my wife, we even went out dancing a few times, we haven’t done that in years! A friend recommended Original Harvest to me, and I’m really glad I looked into it. This is what having your life back feels like – it’s indescribable.”

Kevin A.,

Revere, USA

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