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Did you know that there are an estimated five million Americans benefiting from the healing properties of kratom? This stat according to the American Kratom Association, a pro-kratom lobbyist group and one of the loudest advocates for Mitragyna speciosa remaining legal in the United States. Controversy around this traditional Southeast Asian herbal remedy has the government in the US considering placing a ban on kratom, restricting use and sale. While they scramble to get their ducks in a row, you can buy superior quality and guaranteed pure kratom powders, capsules, and loose leaf in Lawrence when you shop online with Original Harvest Kratom – we offer nationwide delivery.

Why does the FDA want to ban kratom?

The FDA is under the impression that kratom is a substance of concern because of its potential to cause abuse and addiction. M speciosa has been banned in its homeland of Thailand, though for reasons other than the above mentioned. Many criticize the reports cited by the FDA as to kratoms effectiveness and overall safety, feeling that the reports don’t reflect the science, though a ban on Mitragyna speciosa would make it that much harder for researchers to demonstrate the plants clinical applications.

What does kratom do?

Kratom is a versatile plant and can provide a range of effects for people who know how to use it responsibly. A low dose will provide a stimulating buzz and mood enhancement, while a larger dose will offer relaxing sedation. These effects are the result of flooding the system with alkaloids from the leaves of the plant, most notably mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG), although over 40 other alkaloids have been isolated as well.

The concern for abuse is related to mitragynine and 7-HMG – these work in conjunction with the mu and delta opioid receptors which control pain relief. Kratom alkaloids are not true opioids, but rather, opioid antagonists, with demonstrated ability to provide effective pain relief in humans and animals.

Can you get addicted to Mitragyna speciosa?

A Mitragyna speciosa addiction is not uncommon, though the symptoms and withdrawal are far less intense than those associated with an opiate addiction. In most cases, a physical dependency resulting in pain and trouble sleeping are reported, but these symptoms can and will abate in a matter of a week or so.

Is it legal to buy kratom in Lawrence?

Though the legality of kratom in the United States is in the process of being reviewed by the federal government, it remains legal for patients in states like Massachusetts and cities like Lawrence to buy kratom products for their personal use. This herbal remedy is ideal for treating anxiety and stress conditions, chronic forms of pain, fatigue, and for giving you that extra bit of focus to help you have a productive day.

Kratom for sale in Lawrence

Ready to wade into the world of Mitragyna speciosa? You can buy the best quality kratom powders, capsules, and leaf online from Original Harvest Kratom. We take great pride in our selection of potent and all-natural certified organic kratom products. Grown by our partner farm in Indonesia, we have every batch lab-tested to ensure purity and freshness. Along with door-to-door delivery of our superior products, every order comes backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We will happily issue a refund on any unopened package.

“I have a laundry list of issues, when it rains it pours, but among them I have Lupus, anxiety, MS, and I’m in constant pain. When my daughter told me about Kratom powder I was skeptical. It smells a bit like green tea, which I like, but it tastes terrible, even if you mix it with chocolate syrup that only kills the taste a bit. I think kratom works miracles. No more insomnia, no more joint or back pain, I feel completely relaxed on this stuff. I 100% absolutely support kratom, it’s an amazing herbal remedy!”


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