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What do the colors of Mitragyna speciosa refer to?

After you choose to buy kratom in Lynn from Original Harvest, you’ll notice that all of our more than 50 strains are classified by color – Red, Green, White, and Yellow to be exact. The colors refer to the central leaf vein, which can range from various shades of green to various shades of red.

In part, this coloration is determined by genetics, but the depth of color can also depend on the maturity of the leaf, and other environmental factors, such as how much sunlight the tree has received. In fact the same tree can feature leaves with pale green, dark green, and red veins all at once. Young leaves tend to have red veins, which will change to green as they age.

What is Red Vein kratom best for?

Different color kratom strains provide unique effects.

Red Vein kratom strains, like:

Maeng Da,

Bali, and

Super Indo

are best known for their ability to soothe chronic pain (like headaches and migraines), promote relaxation, and help encourage sleep.

Is it safe to use kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa is an all-natural and safe herbal supplement that has been used for centuries by the local people of countries like Indonesia, Bali, and Vietnam, where kratom strains grow indigenously. Kratom is considered an opioid receptor agonist, meaning the active chemicals in kratom plants – alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – are taken up by opioid receptors in the body and produce similar effects without the dangerous respiratory depression associated with opiate overuse.

Legality of kratom in Lynn

Across the nation, Americans are coming to understand and accept the medical benefits associated with kratom supplements. In cities like Lynn, MA, kratom purchase and use is legal, and the community continues to flourish.

Kratom for sale in Lynn

Looking for the best quality Red, White, Green, or Yellow Lynn kratom powders and kratom capsules on the market? Shop online with the nation’s leading kratom company, Original Harvest Kratom. We carry a wide range of popular and potent kratom strains, all certified organic and grown by our partner farm in Indonesia. We lab test all of our kratom to ensure authenticity and quality. When you buy kratom in Lynn from us, you are also covered by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, to provide you with peace of mind.

“This is my first kratom purchase from Original Harvest, from anywhere actually. What a great company to deal with. I ordered some Red Vein Bali because I read it was one of the best newcomer strains for pain relief. I have been taking my capsules a few times a week for the last few weeks and I’ve definitely noticed a marked improvement in my pain levels, especially with my tension headaches, which can be pretty debilitating.”
Tom B.,

Lynn, USA

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