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What is kratom?

A name you may have heard bandied about in all-natural forums and healthy living articles, kratom is fast becoming a popular alternative herbal supplement for pain relief, mood enhancement, and stimulation – meaning, this particular plant can help put the pep back in your step. Mitragyna speciosa, or kratom, grows indigenously in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Bali, and Malaysia.  And now you can buy kratom in New Bedford, with ease!

For centuries, local laborers, farmers, and peasants turned to kratom to help provide the energy and mental focus needed to get through the tedious and physically taxing work day. In America, kratom is most often used for its pain relieving effects, as this particular plant works in very similar ways to opiate drugs, though without the danger of addiction or fatal respiratory depression. Top quality kratom capsules, kratom leaf, and kratom powders online for delivery from Original Harvest Kratom.

How do you prepare kratom supplements?

Traditionally, farmers and laborers would chew the leaves of kratom plants in order to reap the stimulating benefits, but they also brewed the leaves into tea. Today, there are more methods than these, and that includes:

  • To mix it with juice
  • To mix it with protein powder
  • Take it in capsule form

Is Mitragyna speciosa a safe supplement?

There are many benefits associated with kratom, but the natural chemicals in the plant, alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, act on the same receptors as opioid drugs like codeine and fentanyl. The difference between kratom and opiate drugs is that they act of separate receptors, and though kratom does offer a euphoric side effect, it does not cause respiratory depression. There have been no instances of fatal use of kratom.

Can I use kratom legally in New Bedford?

Since the DEA made an attempt to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 drug back in 2016, there has been much question as to whether kratom is safe for not. With responsible use, kratom is safe and effective, a reality that is well known but thousands of Americans. In fact, so many people believe so strongly in the positive healing benefits of kratom that they presented Congress with a petition featuring over 140,000 signatures, and it was enough to convince the governing body to put a stop to the scheduling process. Kratom use and purchase continues to be legal in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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You can easily purchase the best quality kratom powders and kratom capsules when you visit Original Harvest Katom online. We carry a wide variety of top notch kratom strains, like Horned White Vein kratom powder, Malaysian Red Vein kratom capsules, Bali 10x kratom extract, and Borneo Yellow Vein kratom capsules. All of our products are certified organic, grown by our expert farmers in Indonesia. And we are the only company in North America to lab test all of our kratom – we want our customers to know that what you see is what you get, nothing but the best. Buy kratom in New Bedford from Original Harvest and see what quality feels like!

“Funnily enough, my dad told me about kratom a little while back and I have been using it to help me get through studying and exams. Going to school part-time and working takes a lot out of me, I like the extra focus I get from kratom, and I feel like I’m just more productive while I’m using it. Highly recommend this as an alternative to some of the other options out there, especially for uni students! Original Harvest has made it easy to keep my preferred strains on hand, too. White for me!”
Jonah H.,

New Bedford, USA

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