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Can I get addicted to kratom?

Kratom is an all natural herb that grows natively in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Bali, and Thailand. For centuries, local farmers, laborers and peasants have turned to kratom to boost energy, focus, and mental clarity, so they might get through the day of tedious tasks, and now you can easily buy kratom in Quincy, too. Because kratom provides opioid-like effects – euphoria, mood-enhancement, and pain relief – it does have the potential to be habit forming, although when used responsibly it is safe and effective, with medical benefits that far outweigh perceived negatives.

Although it can provide very potent pain relief, and aid with conditions like anxiety and depression (among many other things), it is recommended that you not use kratom on a daily basis, lest you find it a habit hard to break. You’ll find safe, effective, and top quality kratom capsules and kratom powders online for delivery when you shop with Original Harvest Kratom – we deliver!

Is it possible to develop a tolerance to kratom?

As with most other substances, it is entirely possible to develop a tolerance to kratom, especially if you find yourself using it on a daily basis, in which case you will find that you will need to take increasingly larger doses in order to experience the same effects as when you first started. It’s important to note here, however, that kratom tolerance is not permanent, and your normal sensitivity to the herb should return after a few weeks of abstaining from the supplement.

Safety of kratom use

While there is a chance that improper use of kratom may lead to the development of a habit or Mitragyna speciosa tolerance, when used responsibly – measured doses a few times a week – kratom is safe and, in fact, an extremely effective analgesic. There have been no fatal incidents involving responsible kratom use, though it is not recommended to combine kratom with any other substance that might exacerbate the sedative qualities of the plant.

Top kratom strains

Peruse the virtual shelves of a site like Original Harvest and you might find yourself overwhelmed by the options – there are many, many different varieties of kratom, all offering their own unique effects. Red vein strains are ideal for pain relief and deep relaxation, where Green Vein strains are sought for their stimulating effects. The following are some of the most popular available on the market today:

Borneo Green Vein kratom powder

Kali Red Vein kratom capsules

Bali Red Vein kratom powder

Maeng Da White Vein kratom powder

Kratom for sale in Quincy

At Original Harvest Kratom, your health is our priority, that’s why we work in conjunction with our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia to provide our customers with the best quality kratom powders and kratom capsules available on the market. We are the only company in North America to submit all of our kratom to lab testing to ensure authenticity in every package. We fully support your decision to include kratom in your healthy lifestyle, and if you aren’t confident in your purchased strain, we invite you to take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which allows you to return any unopened package of kratom supplements for a refund.

Legal kratom in Quincy

The legality of kratom use came into question when the DEA decided to put forward an emergency measure to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 drug, suggesting it had no medical benefits and a high chance of causing abuse or addiction. There are many kratom advocates across the United States, however, and these supporters banded together to present Congress with a 140,000 signature strong petition. Congress, in turn, put a stop to the DEA’s motion, and kratom supplement purchase and use remains legal in Massachusetts, which is why you can safely buy kratom in Quincy from Original Harvest.

“I was recommended kratom supplements from Original Harvest by a friend of mine who is also using them. She noted that she felt more energy during the day while using them, and I decided to give it a try. Ordering from the website was easy, and there was a lot of information on which strains to choose. As a newcomer, I found this very useful. I’ve been happy with my results, so I wanted to pay it forward and recommend Original Harvest to everyone else!”
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