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What’s the difference between Red Vein and Green Vein kratom?

Perusing the virtual Mitragyna speciosa aisles before you buy kratom in Ann Arbor, you’re going to come across a few things that might give you pause. One of those things might be the titles given to the many different strains of kratom. At Original Harvest Kratom, you’ll notice five different categories of Ann Arbor kratom powders and kratom capsules (available for delivery when you shop online), these are Red Vein, Green Vein, White Vein, Yellow Vein, and Extracts.

What’s in a name? Red Vein and Green Vein kratom are named because the leaves of the plant have – you guessed it – red or green veins running through them. Because the potency of the plant resides in the leaves, these veins will be removed before the crushing process, so the final product does not have a red tint.

At Original Harvest, try

  • Red Vein Malaysian kratom leaf
  • White Vein Riau kratom powder
  • Green Vein Maeng Da kratom capsules
  • 10x Bali kratom powder extract

What are the effects of Red Vein kratom vs Green Vein kratom?

Red Vein kratom strains like Maeng Da and Bali are some of the most popular on the market because of their calming influence, but also the ability to provide a general sense of well-being and optimism. Red Vein strains have been credited with helping patients with insomnia, as well as reducing pain and treating muscle tension. It is an all natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers.

On the other hand, Green Vein kratom strains, like Riau Green Vein capsules and Super Indo Green Vein capsules fall somewhere between the above mentioned Red Vein and White Vein kratom (made from younger leaves), and provides a mild energy boost that can help perk you up without the caffeine edge. Green strains are useful for pain management, without the lethargy or sleepiness that has been associated with other analgesics.

Is it legal to use kratom in Ann Arbor?

The residents of Michigan cities like Ann Arbor who want to benefit from the healing properties of kratom can do so legally. The state is one of many across America that maintain an open mind when it comes to this particular herbal supplement.

When used in moderation and responsibly, kratom is perfectly safe, and provides a host of medical benefits that we would be missing out on were we to simply dismiss the plant as a flash in the pan. In fact, so many in the US support the use of kratom that 140,000 Americans signed their names to a petition which successfully demanded that Congress stop the motion to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 drug by the DEA. Kratom remains legal because of these staunch advocates.

Kratom for sale in Ann Arbor

Want to find out what all the fuss is about? Looking to switch to a brand you can trust? For the best Ann Arbor kratom powders and kratom capsules on the market, look no further than Original Harvest Kratom. From pure Red Vein to hybrid Yellow Vein strains, our website features a wide array of kratom strains, suitable for any purpose. All of our kratom is certified organic, and grown by our partner farm in Indonesia.

Did you know that we’re the only company in North America to ensure all of our kratom products are lab tested to ensure authenticity? When you buy kratom in Ann Arbor from us, you benefit from our determination to provide nothing but the best for our customers.

“Hands down, kratom has had a hugely positive impact on my life. I have been using kratom to deal with anxiety, I only take it when I need it but it lets me actually get out of the house and meet people. I have my life back! I only shop with Original Harvest because I know what you see is what you get – the label don’t lie! That’s important when you’re dealing with an online supplier.”
Carrie S.,

Ann Arbor, USA

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