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Opioid addiction and opioid withdrawal in a huge problem in North America, namely the United States. It seems hospitals are more willing to prescribe foreign chemicals and substances than all-natural remedies. Thankfully, thanks to kratom, patients have other options for their pain relief and pain management. St. Clair Shores kratom might be the answer.

Facts About Kratom

There’s still a great deal of mystery surrounding kratom in western medicine. But in fact, eastern cultures have been incorporating kratom into their medicine since the 19th century. If kratom can work wonders in other countries, who’s to say it can’t do the same for Americans? Kratom is a leaf that’s found primarily in Southeast Asia. It belongs to the same family as the coffee bean and has nothing to do with the opioid family. Here are some facts about kratom…

  • It’s 100% natural
  • It’s one single ingredient
  • It grows in Southeast Asia
  • It’s an effective painkiller
  • It comes in a variety of veins

Is Kratom FDA Approved?

St. Clair Shores kratom is not yet approved by the FDA, but please don’t let that throw you off. Kratom is new to western medicine and may still take some time to make a positive impact in the eyes of local lawmakers and the FDA. In the meantime, however, rest assured that kratom is safe and legal to use in St. Clair Shores. We don’t sell kratom anywhere it isn’t legal.

Kratom Laws In St. Clair Shores

Interested in learning more about kratom? Original Harvest features a blog that’s updated weekly to answer all of your burning questions. With so much buzz and hype surrounding this magical new leaf, it’s no wonder patients are curious about the effects, both long and short-term. Is kratom safe for pregnant women? Can patients smoke kratom out of an ordinary pipe? Find out on our blog.

Kratom For Sale In St. Clair Shores

Kratom is truly a miracle worker in the medical industry. For years, patients have relied solely on toxic chemicals to help with their medical conditions. The pills and prescriptions found in pharmacies around the world contain a number of ingredients most of us can’t even pronounce let alone spell out. St. Clair Shores kratom, on the other hand, is one single ingredient and it’s completely natural and safe to use.

“Kratom is the only medicine I’ll ever need or take in the future. After consulting with my doctor, we stopped my regular pain medication and switched it for kratom. I have to say, kratom actually works better to take away my pain and distract me from it.”

Jason D.,

St. Clair Shores, USA

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