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The internet is a buzz with good news and bad about kratom – is it an opioid? Will the FDA ban it at a federal level? So far, kratom remains legal across America except for nine states who have decided to take regulation of their plants into their own hands. Before you discount the healing potential of this Southeast Asian herb, you should know a few things, like the best place to buy top quality, certified organic kratom powder, capsules, and loose leaf supplements in Rochester Hills is online from Original Harvest Kratom, a reputed online vendor, offering nationwide delivery to American’s from coast to coast.

What do the kratom colors stand for?

When searching for a kratom strain, one of the first things you’ll notice is one of the ways they are classified is by color – Red, Green, White, and Yellow. What do these colors refer to? In general, they refer to the age of the leaf when the plants are harvested.

Red strains are derived from plants that are more mature, and the veins and stems of these plants are red. They are mostly used for pain relief and sedation. Green and White strains are younger, better for mood boosting and stimulation. The odd one out is Yellow, which is produced during a special fermentation process involving both Green and White strains, and results in a mellow supplement with mild pain-relieving properties.

What is fast Mitragyna speciosa?

Another classification for Mitragyna speciosa strains – fast, slow, and moderate. These terms don’t refer to the speed with which kratom will begin to effect you, but rather if they are stimulating, sedative, or in between.

Where does kratom come from?

Kratom originated in Southeast Asia, and grows wild in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Here, the locals would chew the leaves or brew them into tea to fight pain and provide energy to be productive during the day. Because each location offers a different climate and environment, plants that are grown n these areas will feature different levels of the active ingredients in kratom – alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, resulting in different and unique effects.

Is it legal to buy kratom in Rochester Hills?

We mentioned above that only nine states have regulated the sale and use of kratom within their borders. Michigan is not one of those states. Here, patients looking for all-natural pain relief, energy, mood enhancement, and other benefits can turn to kratom as part of their healthy lifestyle.

Kratom for sale in Rochester Hills

Ready to take your health into your hands? Shop online for high quality, authentic kratom capsules, powder, and loose-leaf supplements with Original Harvest Kratom. Our products are grown by our partner farm in Indonesia and are lab tested to guarantee authenticity and purity – no fillers, no additives, no preservatives, just pure, clean kratom, every time. We ship across the United States, and every order is backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your kratom purchase or decide the strain you received is not right for you, we’ll happily replace it, or your money back.

“It might seem cliché at this point but kratom really is a lifesaver. I have awful anxiety, which led me to alcohol and I was awful to people around me. This led to depression and I didn’t want to be around anyone. I also have some minor injuries, but it all adds up to pain on a daily basis. Kratom is the only thing I’ve found that can help me cope with my anxiety AND get rid of the pain. Honestly, if it wasn’t for kratom I don’t know where I’d be, but I don’t think it would be a happy place. The people trying to ban kratom are either scared of it affecting their bottom line or they’re ignorant. Either way, they can’t stop me from using it, it’s the best thing I’ve found.”

Ifan R.,

Rockford Hills, USA

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