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Kratom is an herbal supplement that originates in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Bali, and Vietnam, and while the locals of these regions have turned to kratom for its natural ability to relieve pain and provide energy akin to that provided by a shot of espresso, just because you choose to buy certified organic, pure kratom powder, capsules, and leaf supplements in Southfield from an online vendor like Original Harvest Kratom (proudly offering nationwide delivery), doesn’t mean you shouldn’t first know the intricacies of this plant, and whether it has interactions with other medications you might be taking at the same time.

Does kratom interact badly with other medications?

Unique in its ability to provide a multitude of effects, kratom’s main clinical benefits are its potent sedation and clean-burning stimulation. On their own, these qualities can be useful in treating chronic pain conditions, fatigue, anxiousness or stress, insomnia, and a host of other ailments. Combining kratom with other medications is not recommended, however, as it may result in exacerbating the negative side effects of either substance.

In some instances, seizures have been reported when combining kratom with other medications, while worsening depression and possible fatal drug interactions have been reported when kratom is combined with opioids. With overdose being considered the leading cause of injury death in 2014 (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it’s plain to see why there is so much concern around preventing possible fatal interactions.

How can I safely try Mitragyna speciosa?

That too much of a good thing can prove bad is not an uncommon concept, and it readily applies to Mitragyna speciosa. There should be comfort, however, in knowing that it is virtually impossible to overdose on kratom – you would throw up before you were capable of consuming the amount necessary to cause a fatal interaction. That said, the best way to start your journey with kratom is to…

Buy top quality, certified organic kratom from a trusted vendor, like Original Harvest Kratom

Never combine kratom with other substances, including prescription medications, unless you speak with your physician about possible interactions

Try to only use kratom a few times a week. If using for chronic pain, alternate strains to avoid developing tolerance

Take tolerance breaks or do a monthly kratom cleanse

Can I legally buy kratom in Southfield?

Although nine states have made the move to regulate kratom use and sale at the local level, Michigan residents can rest easy knowing that they have the right to integrate kratom into their self-care routines. Safe and effective, it’s a natural alternative to prescription medications, without the harmful side effects.

Kratom for sale in Southfield

When it comes to kratom, you can’t put your faith in just anyone. Trust the trusted source – order certified organic kratom powder, capsules, and leaf supplements online from Original Harvest Kratom. We take great pride in providing our customers with superior products, certified organic and grown by the expert horticulturalists at our partner farm in Indonesia. We lab-test every batch of kratom we receive before packaging and shipping your order from our facility to your front door.

“I have a problem with alcohol and kratom definitely curbs my need to drink. Now I’m not addicted to pills like Xanax, which is awesome. It tastes like crap though, and there are different strains you want to take for different things, so you have to do your research to get the right one. Worst thing that happened to me was taking too much and I threw up. I count myself lucky, though, since it could be so much worse, especially if I kept on the path of drinking and doing pills. Thanks to Original Harvest, I am on my way to getting sober.”

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Southfield, USA

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