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What is Mitragyna speciosa?

Mitragyna speciosa, kratom, biak biak – whatever term you wish to apply to this Southeast Asian herb, they all mean one thing: a miraculously versatile plant with potent healing powers; and now you can buy kratom in Brooklyn Park right here, online!

For centuries, kratom (as it is most commonly known), which shares genealogy with the coffee plant, has been used by the locals, peasants, and farmers in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Borneo, for its ability to provide unrivalled energy, mental clarity, and pain relief, with little to no side effects.

In North America, kratom advocates support the use of this herbal supplement for its potent pain relief, and as a safe and natural treatment for opiate withdrawal. Kratom capsules and kratom powders, like those available for delivery when you shop online with Original Harvest Kratom, provide similar effects to opioid chemicals, and are considered one of the most potent analgesic herb supplements around.

How do you prepare kratom?

In the fields, kratom leaves were picked fresh and either chewed or brewed into a tea. The process of this is relatively straightforward, and reminiscent of brewing your favorite black or white tea – simply steed kratom leaves in boiling water for about 20 minutes and strain, and the resulting brew is enjoyed as tea. The modern method involves mixing kratom powder and water in a opt and allowing it to steep at a simmering temperature for about 12 minutes before straining. As is the case with most brewed teas, the longer you allow it to sit, the stronger the tea will become. A good indicator is color – the darker the tea, the more intense it will be.

Why are there so many kratom strains?

Kratom is a hardy, versatile plant that is grown in different regions throughout Southeast Asia. Thanks to this range of climates and natural weather conditions, each particular strain will develop different levels of the active chemicals, alkaloids, resulting in different and unique effects. Additionally, the stem and veins of kratom leaves change color as they mature, and provide different effects again depending on when they are harvested.

Legal kratom in Brooklyn Park

Although there are hundreds of thousands of kratom advocates across the United States, the DEA rose the alarm against the herbal supplement in response to a number of calls to the Poison Control Center which painted kratom in a negative light. When paired with other substances like pharmaceuticals or alcohol, the sedative effects of kratom can be greatly exaggerated. But when used responsibly, it is well know that kratom can be extremely beneficial and a positive addition to any healthy lifestyle. Kratom advocates presented Congress with a 140,000 strong signature petition in defence of Mitragyna speciosa, and in turn, Congress put a stop to the DEA’s motion to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 drug.

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When you put your health first, you want to know that you can trust the authenticity and origin of the supplements you put into your body, and you can trust the kratom capsules, leaf, and kratom powders available from Original Harvest Kratom. All of our certified organic kratom supplements are grown with care by our partner farm in Indonesia, and every time you buy kratom in Brooklyn Park, you can rest assured it’s been lab-tested to guarantee authenticity and quality!

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Carl W.,

Brooklyn Park, USA

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