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Can you use kratom for weight loss?

Want to buy kratom in Eagan? This Southeast Asian plant has gained a reputation across America as a powerful pain reliever but did you know that it also has been reported that it can effectively suppress appetite, and assist in your weight loss? This, in addition to providing increased energy, make kratom a natural and effective addition to any weight loss management program, and healthy, active lifestyle in general. Find the best quality kratom powders and kratom capsules for delivery when you shop online with Original Harvest Kratom.

How does Mitragyna speciosa work?

Herbal medicines benefit from chemicals that occur naturally within the plant, and kratom is no exception. This herbal supplement benefits from alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which bind to opiate receptors in the brain to produce euphoria-like feelings, pain relief, and relaxation.

Is kratom safe?

While some consider kratom to be an unsafe supplement, the truth is this herb has been used for centuries by the people of Southeast Asian countries like Borneo, Thailand, and Malaysia, to boost energy, strength, and provide pain relief. The idea that kratom can assist in weight loss is relatively new, and though exciting, it is more of a bonus than the main result.

Kratom is actually considered one of the safest health supplements available on the market today, and any significant amount of intake would likely result in common side effects like headaches, stomach discomfort, and fogginess. No fatal occurrences have been associated with responsible kratom use.

Best kratom strains for weight loss effects

Though you should not choose a kratom strain with the sole purpose of weight loss, strains like Thai, Maeng Da, and other White Vein kratom varieties prove effective at appetite suppression and craving reduction due to their stimulating, energetic properties. Consider adding these strains to your shopping cart:

Can I legally use kratom In Eagan?

Thanks to the tireless advocacy work of kratom proponents across North America, this controversial herbal supplement remains legal for use in Minnesota cities like Eagan. Because kratom has been restricted in countries like Thailand, one of the regions from where this plant originates, many believe that it should be regulated in America, as well. Kratom advocates know that Mitragyna speciosa is safe and patients nationwide would miss out on the many medical benefits associated with the plant. When the DEA made an attempt to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 drug, advocates petitioned Congress and won – the DEA stopped their scheduling process and kratom is legal in most states.

Kratom for sale in Eagan

Whether the end result is a helping hand to reach your final weight goal, powerful pain relief, or just something to help keep your eyes open while you get through the day, kratom powders and kratom capsules can prove exactly the boost you need. Look no further for the best quality strains than Original Harvest Kratom.

Our Mitragyna speciosa is cultivated by our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia, and we are the only company in North America to lab-test our products in order to guarantee our customers authenticity – with Original Harvest, you get what you pay for, the best of the best. When you buy kratom in Eagan, you are always protected by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which offers return or exchange on any unopened package of kratom.

“By fair, Thai is my favorite strain, with the exception of Green Malaysian. I have chronic pain thanks to a rare nerve disease, but I’ve been leery of using too many pharmaceuticals to deal with it. Kratom not only helps me with the pain, but it has also been fantastic for helping me focus during the day. It doesn’t taste great but I usually mix kratom powder with chocolate, which really masks the taste. Since I came across Original Harvest, it’s the only company I will buy from. The proof is in the pudding. Or maybe I should say powder!”
Katherine M.,

Minnesota, USA

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