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Early in 2018, the FDA labelled kratom, an herbal remedy originating in Southeast Asia, an opioid. There was significant outcry from the community supporting Mitragyna speciosa distribution and use in the United States, and for good reason: the alkaloids in kratom may work on the same receptors as opioid drugs and produce similar effects, but a key difference is they do not cause respiratory distress, a leading factor in opioid overdose deaths. Pure, authentic and certified organic kratom powder, capsules, and lose-leaf supplements (the kind you can buy from Original Harvest Kratom, offering nationwide delivery) is a safe, effective alternative to prescription medications, and can be the ticket to comfortably withdrawing from opioid dependency.

Is kratom addictive?

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that chronic use or misuse of kratom can lead to dependency issues and even a form of addiction. The alkaloids of Mitragyna speciosa – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, quickly build up in the system, causing your tolerance to go up. This means you’ll need more and more of the substance in order to achieve the same results.

Although regular or improper kratom use can lead to a kind of addiction, this dependency can be reversed. Withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, and restlessness, usually range from mild to moderate and last upwards of two weeks.

Can Mitragyna speciosa help opioid withdrawal?

One of the main points in any argument pro Mitragyna speciosa is the plants potential to effectively treat chronic pain – since being brought to the United States in 2004, it has become the leading reason cited by patients and fans. Coupled with the fact that it is nearly impossible to overdose (you would be ill before you were able to ingest the amount necessary to prove fatal), it is often considered an ideal alternative to highly addictive opioid medications, but its sedative nature makes it equally as attractive, helping patients with opioid dependency to ease through their withdrawal period without too much distress.

Is kratom legal in Maple Grove?

Although the government continues its campaign to regulate kratom, only nine American states have taken it upon themselves to crack down on sale and use within their borders. In Minnesota cities like Maple Grove, it’s still legal for patients to benefit from the traditional healing potential of kratom supplements.

Kratom for sale in Minnesota

If you are seeking serious pain relief, a better night’s sleep, or a little something extra to help you get over your social anxiety, kratom may by the answer. Buy superior quality kratom powder, capsules, and lose-leaf supplements in Maple Grove by shopping online with Original Harvest Kratom. Our certified organic M speciosa supplements are cultivated by our partner farm in Indonesia, and every batch delivered to us is lab tested to ensure authenticity and purity. With over 50 varieties to choose from, we understand that it’s easy to make a mistake. Not happy with the supplement you received? Make sure to take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which allows our valued customers to return any unopened package for a refund.

“I have been taking kratom for five years. It works so well for pain and doesn’t have any of those awful side effects like the narcotics I was on before. My bloodwork is normal, the worst side effect I’ve ever had is mild constipation and sometimes headaches but other than that, I don’t zone out or feel doped up. I’m back to be a productive member of society, I can work, I can thrive. In the time I’ve tried a few different brands, but I keep coming back to Original Harvest. You can’t sacrifice price for quality.”

Gunther P.,

Maple Grove, USA

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