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If you’re tired of getting in your car during your precious free time to drive around looking for a place to buy kratom in Rochester, MN, you are not alone. Going to a local store to buy kratom powders and extracts is time consuming, and you may not even be able to find the quality kratom products that you are looking for locally. Luckily, Original Harvest Kratom exists!

Original Harvest is the best place to buy kratom because it has the largest selection of premium kratom available in North America, all of which can be easily and securely purchased from our online store. Each and every kratom product sold by Original Harvest is pure and 100% certified organic, and we ship all orders quickly and discreetly. Original Harvest also has a 30-day money-back guarantee; that’s how committed we are to customer satisfaction!

Can you legally buy Rochester kratom?

Absolutely! Kratom is legal in the state of Minnesota and in most other states in the country, as well as in Canada. Kratom has a strong following of supporters who are dedicated to making sure that kratom remains legal and accessible to all who need it.

What is Borneo Yellow Kratom?

Relax like a red vein and feel gently energized like a green. If that sounds like an oxymoron, you need to meet Yellow Borneo kratom powder. A lovely “in-between” strain, Borneo Yellow soothes pain and fatigue without the more intense stimulation of some green and white strains. Try the strain in the late morning or early afternoon for hours of sweet relief.

What conditions does kratom help treat?

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Kratom powders come from the leaves of the Southeast Asian evergreen kratom tree!

Some of the conditions that kratom has been known to help treat the pain of include:

Where does kratom come from?

Kratom comes from the kratom tree, which grows in the lush climate of Southeast Asia. Kratom trees have smooth, grey bark and grow up to 82 feet tall. The leaves of the kratom tree are green and glossy, and they are what is used in the production of kratom powders and kratom leaf. All of Original Harvest’s kratom products originate at our partner farm located in Indonesia, where trusted and skilled farmers ensure the highest quality kratom. Kratom trees also bloom with small, ball-shaped flowers that are not utilized in the production of kratom herb.

What is Mitragynine?

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Kratom comes from Southeast Asia and has been used therapeutically for centuries.

Mitragyna speciosa is kratom’s scientific name, which it is often commonly referred to as. Whichever name you choose to use, kratom is a powerful, all-natural compound that has been getting lots of attention recently for its similarities to opioids, and for its one major difference to opioids. Kratom contains many different alkaloids, including two that occur in the highest concentrations: Mitragynine and 7-HMG.

These interact with mu receptors (the same receptors that are targeted with opioid use) to deliver impressive pain relief throughout the body. The major difference between opioids and kratom, though, is that opioids have the dangerous side effect of respiratory distress, and kratom does not. This makes kratom a safer choice, and, thanks to Original Harvest, it’s also easy to buy kratom in Rochester, MN.

“My daughter saw something about kratom on the news so I decided to try it for my arthritis. It works great, and ordering online from Original Harvest is fast and easy.”
Donna O.,

Rochester, USA

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