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What is kratom?

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Hoping to buy kratom in Missouri? Original Harvest has you covered!

Have you ever heard of kratom, or of Mitragyna speciosa? Mitragyna speciosa and kratom are actually the same thing; kratom is just its non-scientific name. Kratom is derived from the leaves of the kratom tree, which grows throughout Southeast Asia, and you can buy kratom in Missouri! This ancient herbal remedy is commonly used to treat issues ranging from low energy and motivation to serious pain in the body. If you are interested in buying Missouri kratom, keep reading to find out more about the best place to buy kratom: online from Original Harvest.

What’s Maeng Da Kratom?

Chances are if you’ve heard of any kind of kratom, it’s Maeng Da. But if you’re completely new to the world of mitragyna speciosa (that’s kratom’s scientific name), maybe even this variety is a mystery to you. At Original Harvest, we offer Maeng Da in a variety of vein colors, but one thing stays the same: this is a powerful type of kratom! If you’re looking for fatigue-fighting strains that will leave your insomniac nights in the dust, give White vein Maeng Da kratom capusles a try!

Buy Kratom in Missouri

by | Feb 7, 2018

Kratom for Sale in Missouri

Original Harvest has the best selection of premium kratom available in all of North America, all of which can be purchased directly from us online at our secure website and delivered right to your door. All of Original Harvest’s kratom herb is 100% certified organic and pure, and it comes to us from our trusted partner farm located in Indonesia. We will ship your kratom powders and kratom extracts discreetly so that no one but you will know what’s inside, and orders of $100 or more ship for free! Original Harvest also has a 30-day money-back guarantee so there’s no need to worry about taking any risks when you give us a try.

What is White Vein Kratom?

Kratom is available in four basic varieties: white, red, green, and yellow. With the exception of yellow, which is created by a special curing process, the colors represent the vein color of the kratom leaves at harvest. White kratom is the “fastest” or most stimulating of the varieties, and generally offers the last in the way of pain relief. People turn to White Vein Hulu Kapuas kratom capsules and their ilk when they need to ease fatigue and grogginess caused by poor sleep due to chronic pain or other issues.

Is Missouri kratom legal to buy?

Yes! It’s legal to buy and to have possession of kratom in Missouri and in many other areas of the USA, as well as in Canada. You must be 21 years of age to order kratom online from Original Harvest.

What is a kratom strain?

Kratom strains are what the different types of kratom that are produced are called. Some strains of kratom that you may have heard of are named after their country of origin (like Thai or Malay). Others are named entirely different things (like Red Dragon!). Whichever kratom strain is your favorite or you are interested in trying, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for when you order from Original Harvest’s extensive selection. You can buy more than 50 unique kratoms strains from Original Harvest, including:

  1. Thai kratom powder
  2. Sumatra kratom capsules
  3. Vietnam kratom leaf

Who does kratom benefit?

A large number of kratom users are people who are suffering from serious medical conditions that cause pain throughout their body. Particularly in large sized doses kratom can have incredible benefits for these individuals, and kratom is a much safer choice than opioids. Though kratom and opioids do have many similarities, kratom doesn’t have the potentially dangerous side effect of respiratory distress that goes along with opioids, making it a safer choice.

What countries does kratom grow in?

Kratom grows throughout Southeast Asia; some of the countries where you’ll find kratom trees include Malaysia, Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, and Indonesia. If you buy kratom in Missouri, online from Original Harvest, your kratom was grown on our Indonesian partner farm, with plants originating from across the continent.

“I’ve totally stopped shopping locally for kratom now that I’ve found Original Harvest. Online ordering is easy and takes almost no time at all.”

Lydia R.,

Missouri, USA

I think it’s great that natural remedies like kratom are getting their place in the spotlight. We as a society have invested too heavily in pharmaceuticals for too long and we’re seeing the reprecussions. Kratom is an excellent supplement, all natural, gentle on the earth. I like to get mine from Original Harvest. There are other places to buy kratom in Missouri but of the companeis I’ve researched, I prefer their mission and their practices. I like to know that what I’m buying is produced with a concious.

Jefferson A.,

Missouri, USA

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