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Can kratom help opioid withdrawal?

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As the opioid crisis looms ever larger in the hearts and minds of concerned individuals across North America, the need for effective and safe solutions is ever more evident. Natural kratom herbal supplements may provide the answer that those in desperate need are searching for. Kratom can be used as an effective tool for easing the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, which can be debilitating, unbearable, and in extreme cases, fatal. At Original Harvest, you can buy kratom in Lincoln and choose from the largest selection of the best, certified organic herbal supplements in North America.

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Originally prescribed for pain relief, opiates also provide relaxation and euphoria by “flooding” the body with synthetic chemicals. Over time, in extreme cases, the brain comes to rely on opiates to fill the void, and the body reacts in a negative way when you stop taking these drugs altogether. Kratom can be used for mild to more severe opioid withdrawal because it allows for optimal stability. It’s wise to take this herbal powder at the outset of getting off opioid drugs, before withdrawal symptoms become unbearable.

Kratom has been used by many to shed their opiate addictions. By many, it is regarded as safe and effective alternative, as it does not create the serious overdose effects that are seen with opiate drug use.

What is Maeng Da Yellow Kratom?

Maeng Da has long been one of the most popular varieties of kratom on the market. With this Yellow option, Original Harvest brings you one more way to feel the benefits of this strain. Made using a special curing process that involves fermentation (a popular buzzword these days), Yellow Maeng Da kratom powder offers a boost in mood, a bit of energy and productivity enhancement, and some lovely physical relaxation.

Is Mitragyna speciosa legal in Lincoln?

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Using all-natural kratom herbal supplements in Lincoln is legal, though the Drug Enforcement Agency has set their sights on this particular product. Though kratom is not addictive and has not been associated with fatal overdoses, in 2016, the DEA set out to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 narcotic. This pending designation sparked outcry from many individuals who support kratom use, however, and Congress successfully blocked the scheduling, allowing for a time period where interested parties could voice their opinion in the matter.

There are many different varieties of kratom powder; some provide greater relief for anxiety and stress, while others may be more suited to promoting sleep and relaxation. Consider which symptoms might be most bothersome to you before selecting a kratom variety that will suit you best. At Original Harvest, we carry North America’s largest selection of certified organic kratom products, including:

Buy kratom in Lincoln

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