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Is kratom an opioid?

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Although quickly gaining in popularity across America as an all natural herbal supplement, and patients regularly buy kratom in New Mexico, there is still a lot of confusion around Mitragyna speciosa, more commonly known as kratom, including what it is and what, exactly, it does. Some of this uncertainty lies around whether kratom is actually an opioid drug, because it can provide very similar effects to the pharmaceutical-grade opioid medications prescribed to people who are struggling with chronic pain.

Kratom is not an opiate, though it is considered an opiate agonist, which means it will interact with the same receptors in the brain and body as opioids do. Kratom does not affect the same centers of the brain that control breathing, and cannot cause respiratory failure, as is often seen in opioid overdoses. Visit Original Harvest Kratom online and find some of the best-quality kratom powders and kratom supplements available for delivery in the United States.

These similarities between kratom and other opioid drugs are exactly what have made kratom not only a viable and suitable alternative to commonly prescribed prescription medications, but also an attractive solution for individuals looking to “kick” their opioid addictions and mitigate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Is kratom legal in New Mexico?

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Made from the leaves of the kratom tree, our powders, capsules, and dried leaf are certified organic.

While the scientific community has yet to put much time and effort into studying the efficacy and potential medical benefits of kratom, the plant has developed a huge following of loyal supporters who swear by its proven potency. This unflagging support went a long way in keeping the Drug Enforcement Administration from classifying kratom as a Schedule 1 drug, the definition of which is a substance with no medical benefits and a high probability of abuse and addiction. Kratom is legal to purchase and use in New Mexico.

What’s the Deal with Borneo Red Vein?

For anyone looking for a slow strain that can soothe chronic pain and locate that oft-elusive sleep, Borneo Red Vein kratom capsules could be the answer. This top-of-the-line analgesic option works its magic thanks to high quantities of the soothing alkaloid 7-HMG.

What else is Mitragyna speciosa good for?

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In addition to providing pain relief and acting as a tool for weaning off opioid medications, kratom is also thought to have benefits like anti-inflammatory properties, and the ability to help deal with depression. Kratom patients have also suggested that in using kratom they’ve noticed more mental clarity and energy.

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