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Does kratom help relieve pain?

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Among its many benefits, kratom is known as a powerful analgesic, and has been used for decades by locals of the plants’ homeland of Southeast Asia, for its potent pain-relieving effects and its ability to boost mental clarity. In fact, aside from opium, which shares similar properties to the herbal supplement, kratom is known as one of the most effective herbal analgesics available. Patients have used kratom to cope with chronic aches and pains and to manage painful conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Considering purchasing Albuquerque kratom powders or kratom capsules to test their effectiveness in managing pain? Peruse the selection of strains available online for delivery from Original Harvest Kratom.



How does Mitragyna speciosa help relieve pain?

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Kratom (botanical name Mitragyna speciosa) can have different effects depending on the strain used, though any effects can be invariably linked to the presence of the alkaloid mitragynine (and other alkaloids), opioid agonists with an affinity for the opioid receptors in the brain, which influence mood and anxiety. The difference between opioid drugs and kratom, however, is that mitragynine seems to prefer so-called delta opioid receptors, while opiates bind to mu opioid receptors. It’s also important to note that while both these substances will produce euphoric effects (much less so for kratom), kratom does not affect the respiratory system and cannot result in the fatal respiratory distress that has been associated with opiate drug misuse.

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Although several deaths have been associated with kratom, physicians have attributed those deaths to the combination of kratom and other dangerous substances. On its own, kratom does not have fatal side effects. It is, however, recommended that patients not combine the herb with other dangerous and illicit substances, as well as to avoid getting behind the wheel of a car, operating heavy machinery, or engaging in any other activity where you would not want your ability to act at a moments notice compromised.

Though the DEA made an attempt to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 drug in 2016, the process was quickly halted, thanks to public outcry. Kratom is legal in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in most states across America.

What are the best kratom strains for pain relief?

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With a sedating, pain relieving kratom strain, you will find yourself less sensitive to physical or emotional pain, and have a general feeling of comfortable pleasure. Kratom can really help you relax and unwind. Red Vein kratom strains tend to be the most popular among patients looking for pain relief. You may want to give the following a try: 

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