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Can kratom be used as a pain killer?

Mitragyna speciosa, better known as kratom, is an herbal supplement derived from the plant of the same name, indigenous to Southeast Asia. Regularly used by locals in countries like Indonesia and Thailand to provide energy and mental clarity, kratom is also an effective analgesic, or pain medication, and, opiate drugs aside, considered by many to be the most effective herbal analgesic available. But despite its foreign heritage, you can buy kratom in Grand Forks from Original Harvest!

Because of its chemical makeup, kratom produces an effect that is very similar to that felt with opioid drugs, though kratom is considered much less addictive. For this reason, it has been used traditionally by the people in Thailand as a treatment of opiate addiction, and could prove valuable in North America, where opioid addiction has become a national epidemic.

How does kratom work for opioid addictions?

Kratom plants contain active chemicals, or alkaloids (specifically mitragynine) that act as opiate receptor agonists, meaning they can be used in place of opiate drugs because they provide the same kind of pain relief without the uncomfortable and often dangerous opiate withdrawal. Kratom also does not cause significant respiratory depression (something seen in overdoses), as is seen with other drugs classified as opioids.

What Mitragyna speciosa strain is good for pain?

Any newcomer to kratom may find themselves overwhelmed by the abundance of strains available. Kratom strains are characterized by color (which refers to the color of the stem and veins, not to the color of the leaves) and then by action. For potent pain relief, the highly sought-after Red Vein kratom strains are just what you need.

Red Vein Bentaungie kratom supplements, high in 7-hydroxymitragynine, are moderately sedating, tackling tough aches and pains without putting you to sleep. They are derived from the red vein kratom leaves, but are processed more like a Yellow strain than the traditional method for Red Vein strains. Bentuangie strains provide gentle relaxation of body and mind, coupled with a boost in mood and pain relief.

Legal kratom in Grand Forks

Although kratom has developed quite a reputation world wide, the powerful and potent healing effects have generated huge support from people across the United States, as evidenced by the 140,000 strong signature petition that was put to Congress when the DEA made an emergency attempt to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 drug. The DEA was unsuccessful, and kratom remains a safe and legal herbal supplement, available to supporters nationwide.

Kratom for sale in Grand Forks

For powerful pain relief, relaxation, and a break from everyday anxiety, give Grand Forks kratom powders and kratom capsules a try. Original Harvest kratom supplements, like Bali Red Vein kratom powder and Kali Red Vein kratom capsules, are all grown by our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia, and all undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure authenticity and quality, every purchase. Don’t let the next time you buy kratom in Grand Forks be needlessly stressful: choose Original Harvest! If you feel like you’ve made a mistake on your particular purchase, take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which allows customers to return any unopened package for a refund.

“I’ve been taking kratom for about 3 years now and it’s made a huge impact on my life. I work out a lot and always have some kind of muscle or joint pain, kratom has helped me to ease this so I can get through the rest of my day without the struggle. I’ve tried a few brands in the past, but I think Original Harvest is the best I’ve found. It definitely gets the job done without any added and unnecessary junk.”
Kenneth B.,

Grand Forks, USA

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