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Are you interested in getting 100% certified organic, all natural kratom powders that have been laboratory-tested for quality? Do you want the ease of getting these products shipped easily and discreetly to your door, safeguarding your information and privacy? If so, do yourself a favour and buy kratom in Akron from Original Harvest. Our secure and easy to use online store offers the best selection of premium kratom products in North America.

Where is Kratom from?

Kratom is derived from the kratom tree, which grows naturally throughout Southeast Asian countries. The kratom tree is smooth barked, and its green glossy leaves are utilized in kratom production. Akron Kratom powders and extracts are made from the dried leaves of kratom. There are a wide variety of kratom strains available, most of which you will find on Original Harvest’s website, including Malaysia, Super Indo, and Maeng Da. If we happen to not carry one of your favourite kratom strains, please do let us know. We would love to keep your suggestions under consideration for future product offerings.

Kratom for sale in Akron, Ohio

Kratom (otherwise known by its scientific name, Mitragyna speciosa) is used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, including, but not limited to depression, anxiety, fatigue, restless legs syndrome, poor digestion, PTSD, and cancer. Kratom works thanks to alkaloids like 7-HMG and Mitragynine.

7-HMG has actually been shown in research to be twelve times more powerful than morphine. Mitragynine and 7-HMG interact with mu-receptors in the brain, and their reaction causes maybe of kratom’s sought-after benefits including:

  • anti-fatigue
  • anti-anxiety
  • antidepressant
  • sleep aid
  • pain management
  • inflammation

People often compare the effects of kratom to that of opioids, but there is one major difference: kratom doesn’t have the harmful side effect of respiratory distress that opioids have, making them a safer choice. In fact, kratom has often been useful for people recovering from opioid addiction, as a way to safely wean them off of the drug.

How long does Kratom take to work?

Small doses of kratom, which are more stimulating than sedating, usually begin to take effect in 30 minutes, and can last up to two hours. Larger doses are relaxing and can help people sleep – they usually begin working in less than half an hour and can last up to six full hours! Not to worry, Akron kratom is completely legal to purchase and possess, both throughout Ohio and most of the rest of the United States of America.

Akron is a hub of industry

Due to its location in Ohio and the United States, Akron is home to many well-known attractions, including the All-American Soapbox Derby, the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, the WGC-Bridgestone Invitation, the Goodyear Polymer Centre, and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). It is also where Goodrich, Firestone and General Tire used to reside, as well as Women’s Professional Mud Wrestling and the First National Football League Champions, the Akron Pros. Akron has also been called the “Rubber Capital of the World.”

Next time you buy kratom in Akron, choose a reputable vendor like Original Harvest.

“Love that I don’t even have to leave the house anymore to get the chronic pain relief I need. Red Vein Bentuangie is my new go-to – thanks OH!”
Patrick L.,

Ohio, USA

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