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Should I Buy Organic Kratom?

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Regardless of how you feel about organic foods in general, when you buy kratom in Chattanooga, it’s a good idea to consider a company (like Original Harvest) that offers only organic products.

This is because kratom isn’t something that was grown in the farm outside your city – it can’t be, in fact, because kratom needs the tropical climates of countries like Indonesia and Thailand in order to flourish. It’s unlikely you buy many foods from these countries. Therefore, even if you usually don’t bother with organic produce, in this case you never know what pesticides could have been used that could interact poorly with your internal systems.

Add to this the fact that kratom is a therapeutic product (and introducing strange chemicals into your herbal supplement is pretty incongruous), and we hope we’ve convinced you: buy organic kratom!

The Best Kratom in Chattanooga

Better yet, buy your organic kratom from Original Harvest, where we also guarantee that all our products are 100% pure (as in, no other plants or weird fillers were added to make a harvest go further), and we even back this up with our lab testing, which confirms this purity and also tells us the approximate alkaloid balances of each strain, giving us a better idea of the effects.

Kratom for Sale in Chattanooga

At Original Harvest, we offer the largest selection of premium, organic kratom you’re going to find in North America. Oh, that’s right! We also ship from right here in your home country, from California or Toronto, depending on where you’re placing your order.

Here are just a few of the healing, high-power strains we sell:

  • Horned Green Vein Kratom powder
  • Maeng Da Red Vein kratom capsules
  • Sumatra White Vein kratom leaf
  • Yellow Riau kratom powder

Did you catch that we also offer every kratom strain in three forms – powder, capsules, and leaf? This makes it that much easier for our customers to find a treatment that works for their bodies.

Can Kratom Treat Arthritis?

Kratom contains alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (and many others) that give it its beautifully natural healing properties. In addition to impressive pain relief from various chronic conditions – which could also help arthritis sufferers – many of these alkaloids have been found to possess anti-inflammatory effects. Since arthritis causes pain and inflammation in the body’s joints, it makes sense that kratom could be an invaluable treatment option. Plus, kratom can be used topically, for direct joint relief!

Is Kratom Legal in Chattanooga?

Kratom is all over the news these days, with people on both sides of the argument fighting really hard to win. The good news is, it remains legal to buy kratom in Chattanooga and all of Tennessee (as long as it is pure and natural, not synthetic) thanks to the loud voices of advocates arguing for the right to treat their symptoms with a natural plant that won’t cause respiratory distress!

“I couldn’t believe how quickly I began feeling the effects of kratom. I used only a tiny amount – about 1 gram – but the pain relief started flowing in what seemed like minutes. I love that I can use this product and not be scared of cardiac emergencies or anything like that.”
Glenda R.,

Tennessee, USA

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