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Looking for the best options to buy kratom in Clarksville? Your clicking and touring can stop here – at Original Harvest. Welcome to the company that will provide your premium, therapeutic kratom products for years to come! When you shop Original Harvest, you know you’re getting kratom that is:

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The Best Clarksville Kratom

At Original Harvest, we’re happy to deliver your kratom order directly to your door – it really doesn’t get any easier than that. And never again will you need to hit multiple shops to get the combinations you’re looking for; we carry more than 50 unique strains, including a dozen or more of red, green, and white vein, and even the elusive yellow kratom! In addition, check out our kratom extracts for high-octane options that offer even more potent healing power.

What is Mitragyna Speciosa?

Mitragyna speciosa is the scientific name from kratom! A leaf that has been healing people native to the Southeast Asian countries in which it grows for centuries, kratom delivers natural treatment and improves symptoms like fatigue, muscle aches, chronic pain, and insomnia.

How, you might ask, does one plant treat both fatigue and insomnia? Well, it’s not as complicated as it might seem. Kratom contains many alkaloids that provide the healing benefits mentioned above by interacting with the delta and mu opioid receptors in the body. Though kratom acts like an opioid, it is actually believed to be much safer because it doesn’t cause respiratory distress.

The two best-researched kratom alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-HMG. Mitragynine predominantly promotes energy and mental clarity, so strains that contain more of this alkaloid than others tend to be more simulating. White vein and some green vein strains fall into this category, but small quantities of any strain are likely to be more stimulating than sedating.

7-HMG (7-hydroxymitragynine) tends to have the opposite effect, inducing deep relaxation and all the pain relief and sleep benefits that come with it. When a strain has a higher concentration of 7-HMG, it is going to deliver more in the way of relaxation. Moderate to large doses of kratom give this effect, and red vein strains in general can offer relief that varies from active relaxation to the ideal bedtime strain.

How Much Kratom Should I Use?

As noted above, the amount of kratom used can determine its effects. A “small” amount constitutes between 0.5 and 3 grams, while moderate amounts can ben 3.5 to 6 grams. At Original Harvest, we strongly recommend not exceeding 6 grams in a day – even though kratom hasn’t been seen to cause severe side effects, you’ll avoid even minor side effects like “the wobbles” and nausea by sticking to a smaller dose. Taking regular kratom-free cleanses every month or so will also keep your tolerance levels low, thereby keeping you safer and saving you money!

For more helpful tips and the finest herbal remedy products around, buy kratom in Clarksville!

“I bought kratom for chronic pain. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found the strain I chose (Hulu Kapuas Red) also gave me a mood boost I hadn’t even noticed I needed but friends and family immediately saw the improvement. What an all-natural eye-opener.”
Nate E.,

Tennessee, USA

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