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If high quality Mission kratom powders and extracts are what you are searching for, look no further than Original Harvest’s website! It is simple to use, safe and secure, and offers the widest selection of premium kratom available in North America. All of Original Harvest’s products are 100% certified organic and have been laboratory tested—you can even view the results of these tests on our product pages. We are so sure that you’ll love the kratom you receive from us that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If your kratom powders and leaf aren’t up to snuff, simply contact us and let us know. Unopened orders can receive a refund, and opened products may be eligible for an exchange or store credit. We also ship quickly and discreetly, directly to you—keeping your valued privacy as one of our top priorities. And, shipping on orders of $100 or more is free!

Kratom for Sale in Mission, Texas

Original Harvest offers a fantastic selection of various kratom strains, including the most popular ones on the market today, like Maeng Da, Super Indo, and Viet. If we don’t happen to offer your favorite strain of Mission kratom powder, do let us know. We would like to keep our valued customers’ preferences in mind as we develop future product offerings.

What is Kratom?

Kratom, which is also known by its scientific name, Mitragyna speciosa, is a powerful, all-natural compound that comes from the kratom tree, which grows in Southeast Asia. The kratom tree is related to coffee, and it has glossy green leaves that are used to make the kratom products sold on Original Harvest’s website.

How does Kratom work?

Kratom contains alkaloids including:

  • Mitragynine
  • 7-HMG

Research has shown that 7-HMG is actually 12 times more powerful than morphine. These alkaloids interact with mu-receptors that are located in the spinal cord and brain. The result of this interaction is a feeling of pain-dulling that spreads throughout the entire body. These effects make kratom popular with a wide variety of users, including people suffering from health conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, fibromyalgia, poor digestion, and cancer.

Kratom has also been used to help treat people suffering from opioid addiction. Kratom has many similarities to opioids, but luckily does not come along with the potentially dangerous side effect of respiratory distress known to accompany opioids. Many kratom users have found it effect in helping to wean them off of opioids.

Is it currently legal to buy kratom in Mission, Texas?

Yes—it is legal to purchase and possess Mission kratom throughout Texas and most of the rest of the USA.

Mission: Home of the Ruby Red Grapefruit

Mission, Texas, is located in Hidalgo County. In addition to its nickname as the home of the ruby red grapefruit, Mission also hosts the Texas Citrus Exchange, and holds an annual parade on Conway Avenue called the Texas Citrus Fiesta Parade, featuring fruit-decorated floats and bands, as well as local and city government officials. Buy kratom in Mission and discover the benefits of organic, all-natural remedies.

“It’s cool this company ships from the US. I feel like that way I know I’m going to get my products – if anything was going to get lost in international shipment it was before I ever placed an order! Happy with my products so far, too.”
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Texas, USA

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