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Are you interested in buying the best Logan kratom powder, extracts, or leaves that you can possibly find but aren’t sure where to start? Luckily, Original Harvest kratom exists. Original Harvest is an online store that has the largest selection of premium kratom products in North America, all of which are 100% certified organic and pure, and have even been lab-tested to ensure their high quality. Original Harvest offers fast and discreet shipping with an incredible 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is kratom?

Kratom is a powerful and all-natural compound that is derived from the leaves of the kratom tree, otherwise known by its scientific name as Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is widely regarded for its unique ability to act as a stimulant or a sedative, depending on the strain and the amount. For example, green-vein and white-vein kratom strains are often associated with providing users with energizing effects. Kratom grows abundantly throughout Southeast Asia. All of Original Harvest’s kratom is grown by our trusted partner farm located in Indonesia, but kratom can also be found growing in these countries:

  • Bali
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Borneo

Is Logan kratom legal to purchase?

Yes—kratom is legal to purchase and to possess in the state of Utah. Kratom contains two alkaloids that are known as Mitragynine and 7-HMG, and these alkaloids interact with mu receptors that are in the brain and spinal cord. When these alkaloids and receptors interact, the result is a feeling of pain dulling that spreads throughout the body. For this reason, many people who purchase kratom do so in order to treat severe pain that might be associated with a medical condition like cancer or fibromyalgia.

Kratom for Energy

Many people have found that they can switch to kratom from coffee for a less jittery experience that provides an abundance of energy, while others find that it improves their mood or gives them increased motivation to take on a task they may not have been looking forward to. Some people have even found that kratom increases their sexual energy levels! One thing to note when ordering Original Harvest kratom extract is that ours is not in liquid form, as the name might imply, but it is made from extra strong leaves of kratom.

Appearance of kratom

When fresh, leaves of kratom look green and shiny, though they are dried before becoming kratom powder and kratom extract. Kratom leaves grow on tall trees (up to 82 feet high) with smooth, grey bark. Though not utilized in the production of Logan kratom, the branches of the kratom tree bloom with small, ball-shaped flowers that grow in groups of three.

“It’s so much more enjoyable and convenient to shop for kratom from home, on my computer, rather than getting in my car and driving to a store where I may or may not find exactly what I am looking for. Original Harvest has great customer service and a huge selection.”

Vanessa G.,

Logan, USA

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