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Where does Mitragyna speciosa come from?

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If you are at all a health nut, and even if you aren’t, you’re bound to have come across kratom in some capacity, and are wondering what it is. Kratom is a plant, of the coffee family, that grows naturally in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It has been sued for centuries by the locals of these countries for its amazing ability to boost energy and even mitigate withdrawal symptoms from opioid addictions. In America, it is commonly sought out for its pain relieving effects, and has developed quite the reputation as an alternative to pharmaceutical prescriptions.

What is kratom extract?

Regular kratom strains can be quite strong, but if you want something a little more potent you may want to consider kratom extracts. Extracts tend to be more expensive because they are high potency. The process to make them involves boiling them down or purifying them so that a smaller dose will reap the same rewards.

At Original Harvest, we carry a number of popular kratom extract strains, including:

Is it safe to use kratom?

Kratom is considered one of the most potent and powerful all-natural herbal analgesics on the market, next to opium. It actually works on the same receptors as opiate drugs, producing similar effects but with one important distinction – kratom does not cause respiratory depression. Unlike these opiate derivatives, there have been no fatal instances of responsible kratom use. One should never combine kratom with other medications, specifically those that might exaggerate any sedative effects of the plant.

Legal kratom in Sandy

Though the use of this herbal supplement has been banned in its native Thailand, as mentioned above, kratom is quite safe and effective when used responsibly. Education is key, and knowing when and how to take kratom supplements will ensure that you don’t experience any uncomfortable side effects or withdrawal, symptoms like headaches, nausea, and insomnia, but nothing dangerous or fatal. Because of the strong following across America, kratom is legal in Utah cities like Sandy.

Kratom for sale in Sandy

When it comes to kratom, not all is created equal. You’ll find the highest-quality kratom powders and kratom capsules on the market when you shop the selection available from Original Harvest Kratom online.

All of our Mitragyna speciosa is grown by our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia, and we lab-test our supplements to guarantee our customers receive authentic, top quality supplements every time they buy kratom in Sandy.

“I’m working my way through the Red Vein selection from Original Harvest, and some of their extracts too. Of all the products out there, these are by far my favorite. Kratom has significantly helped with my knee and back pain, and, bonus, I just feel really light and great when I take it. Also, the caps are a lot more user friendly than the powders. Overall, Original Harvest is great company with great products. Enough said.”
Patrick C.,

Utah, USA

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