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Kratom in Thailand

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If you’re familiar with Mitragyna speciosa (kratom’s scientific name), you might be aware that Thailand is one of kratom’s main countries of origin, along with Malaysia and Indonesia. What you may be surprised to learn is that Thailand kratom is actually illegal. Even though kratom trees are native to Thailand, it is illegal to use it in the country.

Thailand Kratom Laws

Though kratom has been a part of the Thai culture for many generations, it is now (and has been for a while) a banned substance. However, substance abuse is not the reason why kratom is illegal in Thailand, though that’s the conclusion that many people first draw.

Years and years ago, the government of Thailand began charging taxes to people who were using opioids, as well as shops that were involved in the opioid trade. To avoid paying these extra fees, many people switched from opioids to kratom, which helped to manage their symptoms of withdrawal. In order to keep the opium trade profitable in the country, Thailand kratom was made illegal. In 1943 the Kratom Act was passed, which made it illegal to plant kratoms tree in the country of Thailand.

More recently, kratom was one of the substances that was included in the Thai Narcotics Act (as were marijuana and mushrooms) in 1979, which was put into place to reduce sentences and punishments for individuals found guilty under the act.

Thai Response to Kratom

Despite these laws, many Thai people have continued to partake in kratom over the years. Some citizens have continued to find the leaves of kratom growing on kratom trees in the jungle and either sell them illegally or to use them for their own personal needs.

In the early 2000s kratom also rose in popularity for a more negative reason: its use in a narcotic cocktail typically made from boiled kratom leaves, Coca-Cola, cough syrup, and ice. This dangerous drink is frequently referred to as 4×100.

Thai law continues to forbid the use and the sale of kratom for any reason, though chewing the fresh leaves of the kratom tree has gradually become more accepted in various areas of Thailand. This form of kratom use is popular because of the widespread community acceptance, low cost, and difficulty to detect.

Kratom Beyond Thailand

Thailand is not the only country where kratom is illegal. It is also illegal to use kratom in Australia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Romania, and a few other countries.

Even though Thailand kratom is illegal there and in several other nations, kratom continues to grow in popularity in other areas. There is a significant demand for kratom in North America, as well as in Europe and beyond. Kratom use has been making headlines recently due to its ability to help wean people addicted to opioids off of that more dangerous substance, an issue that is particularly timely in the United States because of the opioid crisis.

Kratom has other uses, as well. Traditionally it has been used as both a stimulant (in small doses) and a sedative (in large doses), as well as a pain killer, a treatment for diarrhea, and as a helpful aid in dealing with the pain associated with conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. There has been research done on the many health benefits of kratom.

Some of the more unexpected but positive benefits of kratom include its abilities to boost metabolism, increase sexual energy levels, lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety and stress, and induce healthy sleep in users. Users of kratom have also cited its ability to help increase their focus, their social and communication skills, and to sharpen their mental clarity.

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