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Kratom as a Sedative

Red Vein kratom powders and capsules, and larger amounts of other varieties, can offer impressive “slow” effects, relieving chronic and acute pain and encouraging sleep.

Kratom as a Sedative

If you regularly find it difficult to fall asleep or remain asleep for the entire night, you have probably considered – and maybe even tried – a sleep aid. Unfortunately, there are many sleep aids with worrisome side effects like fatigue and mental impairment the next day, which effectively defeats the point. If you’re interested in trying a natural product that can help you sleep through the night without leaving you groggy in the morning.

The alkaloids found in Original Harvest kratom powder and kratom capsules (all of which is sourced from our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia) encourage our bodies and minds to coexist more harmoniously and reach a sort of inner equilibrium. This relaxing balance leads to a still mind newly unhindered by the stress and anxiety of the day – indeed, many of us find it difficult to fall asleep because our minds won’t stop rushing about, heedless of our exhausted bodies!

Different Kratom Strains, Different Effects

Kratom is often cited as a stimulant in low doses and a sedative in higher doses, but at Original Harvest Kratom we offer a wide range of strains that can deliver sedative effects without forcing the patient to delve into the range of 7+ gram doses, which can result in some negative side effects. Taking a “slow” strain like our Red Vein Bali kratom powder or Red Vein Super Indo kratom capsules one to four hours before bed and deliver the effects you need.

We always recommend trying your first dose earlier in the evening rather than right before bed, as each person will be affected differently. While a dose of 3 or 4 grams will be more sleep-inducing, you might find yourself met with a stimulating sensation first, that will later wear away into deep, relaxing sedation.

Use Kratom Powder Wisely

Of course, avoid taking any other sleep aids – pharmaceutical or natural – when trying kratom powder or kratom capsules for sleep; combining herbal remedies or medications of any kind can have unexpected and unwanted side effects.

To experience the amazing ways Mitragyna speciosa can help you get a better night’s rest, place your order for Original Harvest kratom, today!


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