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Side Effects of Kratom

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As with just about every other all-natural and organic compound in the world, kratom (also known as Mitragyna speciosa) has a series of recorded side effects which may or may not have an impact on users of kratom. If you’d like to learn more about the potential kratom side effects that you might be dealing with when you partake in kratom use, here is a straightforward summary.

Range of Mitragyna speciosa side effects

The side effects associated with kratom use range in severity, going from slightly inconvenient all the way to potentially dangerous. It is extremely important to note that these side effects are completely dependent on the amounts of kratom in use, and that each of these side effects is similar or identical to those found in other similar drugs and opioids. Smaller amounts of kratom will likely cause minimal, if any, side effects. Some of the issues that users of large amounts (more than 8 grams) of Mitragyna speciosa may encounter with use of the compound are:

  • Facial flushing (what might look like blushing)
  • Constriction of pupils
  • Tremors or the loss of motor coordination (“the Wobbles”)
  • Sweating
  • Digestive issues, including constipation
  • Itchiness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea, which may result in vomiting
  • Loss of libido

What are “the wobbles”?

If you’ve heard of the wobbles, perhaps you know that they are a phenomenon that appears to be unique to kratom alone. The kratom side effect known as wobbles is categorized as difficulty in focusing one’s eyes without the effect of twitching. The wobbles tend to cause a strong sensation of dizziness and can be quite annoying for users. They are often accompanied by feelings of nausea and fogginess around one’s thoughts. Luckily, the wobbles are only seen with high doses of Mitragyna speciosa. It has been noted in research that the Bali, Borneo and Indo strains of kratom tend to give a lessened effect from the wobbles, and others have found that certain forms of kratom powder may eliminate the wobbles entirely. Those who do partake in larger amounts of kratom should be sure that they do not plan to operate any heavy machinery or motor vehicles while using kratom.

Kratom’s effects on libido

Some people have noted that kratom has had a negative impact on their libido levels, particularly among those who partake in the strains of kratom that are recognized for their sedating effects. However, many kratom users have also reported the opposite effect—that, in fact, their libido increases with kratom use! It’s hard to say what, if any, effect kratom could have on a user’s libido since it is largely dependent on each person’s body and the particular strain and dosage of kratom they have used.

Origin of Kratom

Kratom powders and extracts are typically derived from the dried leaves of the kratom tree. Kratom trees are related to both coffee and the gardenia, and they grow abundantly throughout Southeast Asia. Some of the countries where you might find a kratom tree growing are Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, and others. Kratom thrives in the humidity of these areas, where the tree grows up to 82 feet tall with a trunk up to three feet wide.

How Kratom impacts the body

For the most part, the side effects that are associated with kratom use are not serious, and can typically be avoided by not partaking in large amounts of kratom or using it consistently for long time periods. You can rest assured that when you buy kratom from a trusted provider like Original Harvest, you are receiving a product that is of superior quality. If you have any questions or concerns about kratom side effects, please let us know.


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