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Maeng Da Kratom

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Discover natural energy and mental clarity from organic kratom powder

If you want to begin your kratom treatment journey with something highly touted by the rest of the community, you can’t go wrong with Maeng Da. Powerful and popular, this Thailand-based strain has skyrocketed to the top in the past few years, and North Americans are clamoring for its natural, healing properties.

The primary reason Maeng Da has grown so popular is its balanced effect. While kratom strains are often celebrated for their ability to energize or their ability to ease pain, Maeng Da kratom powder is capable of offering benefits in both, seemingly disparate arenas.

Just because it’s gaining recognition in North America doesn’t mean Maeng Da is a new strain of kratom. It’s one of those kratom strains that is sought after by farmers because the plants tend to grow quickly and offer large yields that make it a preferable harvest.Though it’s thought that Maeng Da kratom was deliberately bred for its current effects and growth speed, this doesn’t take away from its significance.

Individuals in Maeng Da’s homeland turned to strains like this to help them deal with the fallout of difficult manual labor – specifically, the fact they are required to do repetitive, heavy work in the heat and humidity, for hours and hours a day. It’s no surprise, then, why a strain would be popular that could give them the energy they need while also relieving the physical stress of the job.

From a practical standpoint, the average North American patient might turn to Maeng Da kratom powder or capsules to avoid having to purchase multiple strains (though others still enjoy the benefits of combining Maeng Da with a second variety). They can achieve their treatment goals of fighting fatigue and pain management with just a single strain. Maeng Da also tends to improve your ability to focus, thereby increasing productivity.

Maeng Da is also celebrated by patients for its relative lack of side effects. Not only does the strain not cause the jittery effects often felt after a dose of caffeine (like all kratom strains), but many patients also note that they did not experience more kratom-specific side effects like stomach discomfort or sweating.

Regardless of which strain you choose, at Original Harvest we suggest the best way to avoid unwanted side effects is to keep your dose low – we recommend a starting dose of just 1 gram, and encourage established kratom patients to use no more than 5 grams per day. Doses below 6 or 7 grams are generally free of any side effects, including the harmless but irritating “wobbles”.

At Original Harvest, we offer four distinct Maeng Da kratom powder varieties:

  • Red Vein Maeng Da
  • Green Vein Maeng Da
  • White Vein Maeng Da
  • Yellow Maeng Da (not a vein color but the result of a special curing process)

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