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The Legality of Kratom

At Original Harvest we’re dedicated to keeping you informed on all aspects of kratom, including its legality. Read on to learn about kratom laws in different countries around the world.

The Legality of Kratom

Regions Where Kratom is Grown

Kratom is an all-natural, healing supplement harvested from trees that grow in Southeast Asia. Despite the fact that residents of these regions have used kratom for centuries, as a treatment for the physical and mental stressors of manual labor, today the plant is prohibited in some of its native regions. Sadly, in both Thailand and Malaysia, use of kratom has been restricted. Formerly home to a range of kratom “tea houses”, since 2003 Malaysia has labelled the plant a controlled substance, and it has been fully criminalized in Thailand for the better part of 80 years.

Kratom Laws in North America

Kratom Legality in USA

In the US, kratom is considered a supplement, but when the plant began growing in popularity – due largely to the hundreds of thousands of people seeking it as a safer alternative to opioids – the DEA quickly sought to not only regulate but completely ban the herbal remedy, planning to place it on the Schedule 1 list along with heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

For patients who find kratom is the only treatment that both keeps their pain at bay and protects them from the frightening, even fatal side effects of opioid medication, banning kratom means removing their ability to safely and legally source their treatments, and puts them at risk for criminal charges should they seek black market options.

Researchers who look with interest on the anecdotal evidence of kratom’s healing properties worry that scheduling the substance will result in the same issues faced with marijuana, which is only now, after decades of advocacy efforts, beginning to be properly investigated: kratom would become extremely difficult to study, effectively quashing scientists’ abilities to obtain the very evidence that would exonerate the plant.

Thanks to a public outcry that saw tens of thousands of personal appeals, this potential DEA ruling has been delayed pending further investigation into kratom. At this time, most states in the USA allow the sale and use of kratom as an herbal supplement. The exceptions: Vermont, Wyoming, Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. At this time, Original Harvest Kratom does not deliver to these states.

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Canadian Kratom Laws

North of the border, in Canada, kratom has a more uniform status. The sale and purchase of kratom is legal, but due to a lack of FDA approval, all kratom must be labeled “not for human consumption”, and the ingestion of kratom cannot be encouraged or advertised.

Kratom Laws Around the World

Kratom’s legal status in other countries around the world:

  • In the UK, kratom is sold in stores and can be purchased without a prescription, much like most of Canada and the US.
  • In Australia, kratom is on the Schedule 9 list, which marks it as a controlled substance with “the potential for abuse”.
  • Denmark recently changed their laws to classify kratom as a controlled substance.
  • In Hungary, much as in Canada, kratom can be sold as a product not for consumption.
  • In Indonesia, where our organic partner farm is located, kratom is widely grown, harvested, and exported. With Malaysia and Thailand out of the running, Indonesia is one of the few places where kratom grows naturally and is legal to cultivate.

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