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Using Kratom

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a healing plant native to Southeast Asia. Kratom has been used therapeutically for centuries, offering stamina, pain relief, and mental clarity to the hard-working peoples of its native continent.

Using Kratom

Are you thinking of trying kratom for the first time?

Kratom is a wonderful, all-natural powder made from the leaves of the kratom tree, which grows in Southeast Asia, in regions like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. That is literally all there is to the kratom powders sold by Original Harvest: 100% pure, certified organic kratom leaf powder.

Kratom Alkaloids

This single ingredient gets its myriad preventative and healing benefits from the alkaloids that develop naturally as the leaves grow. Different vein colors signify different levels of alkaloids, which slightly alters the effects of the leaf, giving it properties like deep sedation or impressive stimulation, offering varying degrees of analgesic effect, and elevating mood, all in a subtle, natural manner.

Why Use Kratom?

People in North America are using kratom for much the same reasons the native peoples of Southeast Asia first turned to the plant centuries ago. Originally, kratom was a treatment for manual laborers, who took the herb as a “folk remedy” to treat muscle and mental fatigue and physical pain caused by strenuous, repetitive work, and also to ease coughs, infection of the intestine, and diarrhea.

Today, patients on the other side of the world are turning to kratom to soothe pain from manual labor, desk jobs, and injury. The plant’s energizing qualities stave off workday exhaustion, and the sedation of red vein strains and larger doses can eradicate insomnia. The effects are uplifting and mood-boosting, which can help with mild to moderate symptoms of depression.


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Kratom as an Opioid Alternative

Most significantly, though, kratom has gained appreciation – and even savior status in some circles – for its ability to replace dangerous opioid drugs, which are currently plaguing the nation. In comparison to some 60,000 opioid-related deaths in the US last year, kratom was discovered in only a handful of reported deaths, all of which also involved dangerous pharmaceuticals or illegal drugs. Recently, two deaths by kratom were reported, but advocates are demanding more research to prove kratom was the sole culprit, and evidence of extremely large doses is evident.

Even with these few outliers, it’s hard to deny that kratom could save lives, as the hashtag #kratomsaveslives has begun widely proclaiming on Twitter. Of course, as with any substance, kratom must be used responsibly, with attention to dosage and other medications, and being mindful of tolerance and addiction potential. But to imply a substance should be outlawed simply because it could be dangerous if taken carelessly is to essentially ban all pharmaceuticals on the market today.

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To learn more about how to safely use the kratom powders and kratom capsules sold by Original Harvest, please review the articles in this section.


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