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Natural remedies are no longer a folksy thing of the past. More and more people are turning to natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals and more and more stories come out about the dangers of “too much of a good thing”. Natural alternatives can offer supplementary help and - in some cases - even enable people to stop using synthetic products completely. Kratom is one of these natural alternatives, and at Original Harvest we’re proud to offer more than 50 kratom strains, including 12 White Vein kratom leaf varieties.

How Does White Vein Kratom Work?

The vein of the kratom plant denotes the type of effects the strain will have on most body chemistry. Of course, there are uniform qualities that exist between all Malaysian strains, for example, but in general, white vein kratom leaf strains offer:

  1. physical energy
  2. mental stimulation
  3. less pain relief than more red vein strains

At Original Harvest, our “fast” White Vein kratom leaf strains cover a range of effects, all of which make them ideal for daytime use. Across the board, our strains are ideal for fighting fatigue, especially for those whose chronic pain flares up most painfully at night and eats away at vital hours of sleep.

Pain Relief with White Vein Kratom Leaf

But while all dozen strains present this benefit, strains like Super Indo White Vein kratom leaf and Kali White Vein kratom leaf still deliver mild to moderate pain relief, while Hulu Kapuas is great for mental focus and Borneo offers a considerable mood boost for people struggling with symptoms of depression.

Whatever symptoms you’re trying to fend off, you can rest assured that Original Harvest is offering only the finest strains on the market. All the kratom we sell was harvested on our certified organic facility in Indonesia, and it has all been lab tested for authentic genetics and alkaloid content. What’s more, we promise your order will contain nothing but 100% pure kratom leaf (or powder, if that’s your preferred form) - no additives or fillers to speak of. It will be delivered to you in professional, sealed packaging quickly and discreetly.

So why look beyond Original Harvest for your all-natural needs? Order White Vein kratom leaf today, and discover natural health!

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