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Yellow Kratom Leaf

For unique relief from an all-natural source, try Yellow kratom leaf from Original Harvest. We carry 12 premium, certified organic yellow kratom strains in leaf, capsule, and powder form, and we’re proud to say our strains are all lab-tested and confirmed to be 100% pure kratom, with high levels of healing alkaloids.

Where is Yellow Kratom Leaf From?

Have you come across yellow kratom before. Many people think there are only three types of kratom: red vein, green vein, and white vein. And if you’re thinking of the leaf’s vein, then you’re actually correct. Yellow kratom is not a vein color, but rather the product of a special process. While all kratom is dried and cured in preparation for grinding, yellow kratom starts off as green vein and white vein leaves, and undergoes a unique fermentation process that changes the balance of alkaloids in the leaf.

Effects of Yellow Kratom

The results of this unique method are effects that usually fall somewhere between red vein and green vein strains. That means yellow kratom leaf is able to relieve pain, fatigue, anxiety, and more. Here are the benefits of just a few of our many strains:

  1. Bali Yellow kratom leaf fights minor pain and fatigue, and relaxes muscle tension.
  2. Riau Yellow kratom leaf eases tension and stress, and fights fatigue.
  3. Thai Yellow kratom leaf increases productivity, and soothes pain and anxiety.

For relief from chronic pain, White Vein kratom leaf isn’t the best choice, but it is a wonderful alternative to caffeine and other, stronger stimulants following a bad night where your condition kept you from getting the proper amount of sleep. Just a small quantity of White Vein kratom leaf will deliver all the energy and mental clarity of a cup of coffee, without the jitters and crash that so often affect caffeinated folks. Kratom’s stimulation is described as “clean-burning”, and it usually feels more natural and subtle than the burst of energy from a strong cup of coffee.

Discover the benefits of organic, pure kratom from Original Harvest. Buy white vein kratom leaf today and kick fatigue to the curb.

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