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Original Harvest is proud to offer a wide range of premium kratom powders, all cultivated by experts on our organic farm in Indonesia.

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We offer only the highest quality kratom that has been lab tested and are certified organic.

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Are you seeking natural relief for what ails you? Why not give kratom powder a try? At Original Harvest, we sell only the highest-quality kratom powders, organically grown in Indonesia and lab-tested in the US. No fillers, no additives, just pure kratom powder.

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At Original Harvest, we work hard to ensure we’re providing our dedicated customers with only the finest, all-natural, pure and certified organic kratom powders. All our products are procured from our partner farm in Indonesia, where a wide range of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) trees are tended by cultivators experienced in the growing, harvest, and preparation of kratom.

Our kratom powders are sold in resealable bags that ensure your herbal supplement reaches you in the freshest condition. Each of our 50 kratom powder strains can be purchased in quantities of 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, or 8 oz, and our reasonable, affordable prices vary slightly based on availability and ease of procurement of specific kratom powder strains.

At Original Harvest, we strive to bring you reliable products and information. Our kratom powders are all tested for authenticity, and these results are shared on our product pages. Our website also serves as a resource for detailed information about kratom, from its history to its treatment potential.

From our farm, we source kratom strains from all over Southeast Asia, including Bali, Borneo, Indonesia, the Kapuas River region, Kalimantan, and Malaysia. Our expert providers also practice the specialty curing processes that allow us to bring you true Yellow kratom powders and Bentuangie kratom powders.

The Power of Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom powders are often the go-to for people seeking a balance of the benefits kratom can offer. While red vein kratom strains are highly relaxing and can help you sleep, and white vein kratom strains are very energizing and mood-boosting, green will leave most individuals feeling pain-free, uplifted, energized, and physically relaxed - without taking them overwhelmingly one way or the other. At Original Harvest, we carry a wonderful selection of premium, lab-tested and certified organic green vein kratom powders.

Browse our impressive list of kratom powder strains and read the detailed product descriptions to find the best strain of kratom powder for your needs.

Note: Regardless of the information in our website articles, we recognize that kratom is not legal for human consumption in every state and province, and encourage customers to educate themselves on the laws in their region prior to ordering kratom powder for delivery.

If I knew it was this easy to buy kratom power from an online source, I wouldn't have been settling for the limited selection in my local shop for so long. No offense to them - they're a great business - but when it comes to finding what I really need, I'll turn to these guys every time. So much selection!

Trey H.,

Nevada, U.S.


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