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Bali Yellow Kratom Leaf Pack

Bali Yellow Kratom Leaf

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Our Yellow Bali kratom leaf is made with a special curing process perfected by our expert farmers. Experience deep relaxation and pain relief.


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Kratom Description

Are you curious about yellow kratom? You’re certainly not alone, and this unique, rare variety has been making the rounds even as people remain mostly mystified about it’s origins. Let us remove the fog! Bali Yellow kratom leaf comes not from “yellow vein” Bali kratom leaves, but rather from mature white and green vein leaves. It is, in fact, the special curing process that gives yellow kratom its unique qualities.

Bali Yellow kratom leaf falls somewhere between a “slow” and a “moderate” to “fast” effect – essentially, a combination of red vein and green vein properties. Most users of yellow kratom varieties find them a good choice for slow days or afternoons – some people even find the faint energizing effects of the strain are suitable for evenings, though we’d recommend finding out how Bali Yellow kratom leaf affects you before trying it right before bed!

Tackle pain, generate moderate relaxation, and remain calm, anxiety-free and happy with Bali Yellow kratom leaf, cultivated and lovingly harvested on our partner farm in Indonesia. The certified organic facility sends kratom to us in the US and Canada, and we have it lab tested for purity, authenticity, and alkaloid levels. Discover natural health with Original Harvest Kratom.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Green Vein and White Vein





General Effects

Mild stimulation

Best For

AM or PM

Therapeutic Benefits

Minor pain relief; energy; relaxation

Alkaloid Concentration

High in 7-HMG; low in mitragynine

7 reviews for Bali Yellow Kratom Leaf

  1. Andres

    such a great product with great health benefits. highly recommended

  2. Stacy

    If you want to try kratom for pain, the Bali Yellow should be your strain. Personally, I prefer to buy the leaf so I can make a kratom tea – I know, it’s a bit nasty but it’s so good right after work when I need to unwind, I love it! I’ve dabbled with a few other strains, like a couple Whites and a few other Yellows, but this one from Original Harvest is my all-time favorite, and I love even more that I can just order it online and have it delivered to the house. It’s so fun getting stuff in the mail!

  3. Derek D

    You will not find a better kratom vendor anywhere. This company delivers your order pretty fast, although i can only speak about shipping in Canada. As well, the kratom benefits are endless. This herb is known for its pain relieving properties, and there are tons of articles on this site and others. I called in before I ordered this variety for help, and their customer service reps were very helpful.

  4. Jimmy

    I really get why the Yellow Bali leaves are often out of stock, they’re so versatile, you can do what you want with them, but I prefer to use them to make tea than the powder, which always ends up a huge mess for me. For me, the effects of the Yellow Bali are mild, relaxing but also I feel happy. I don’t use it when I have to work, usually just on the weekends or if I have to go to a party – get-togethers make me a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but at least with a little kratom on my side I can actually hav conversations with people and have a good time. It’s been easy to order kratom online with Original Harvest, they ship pretty quickly, too.

  5. Tammy

    I’ve been exclusively ordering kratom from Original Harvest for a little while now, they’re one of the best online. They ship pretty quick, product is good quality. But I’ve been trying to get my hands on these leaves for ages but they sell out so quick! They must be good, right? I finally got my chance and placed a big order. Worth it, definitely worth it. I hope they can get more in, though, it’s so frustrating to see that “out of stock” notice!

  6. Kris Ferrell

    I ordered a few different items from Original Harvest and this one was by far my favorite. I love it for the morning and find that, unlike coffee, I’m able to drink it in the evenings too without having any issues falling asleep. I also had a great experience ordering from Original Harvest, and I have to say that this is probably the best kratom I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely be ordering again for sure, and might even try the Bali Yellow in capsules and powders!

  7. Jennifer B.

    I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced greater pain than the time a disc in my lower back slipped. I hit the floor and thought there was no way I was ever going to recover without surgery or some kind of drastic measure. Bali Yellow entered my life when I needed it the most and literally saved me from medical bills. Instead of spending thousands at the doctor, kratom has become my own personal form of medicine for pain management.

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