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Borneo Yellow Kratom Leaf

Borneo Yellow Kratom Leaf

(9 customer reviews)


Fight the effects of fatigue and soothe mild to moderate pain with Yellow Borneo kratom leaf. This organic strain is made using a unique fermentation process.


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Kratom Description

Have you experienced the unique benefits of Borneo yellow kratom leaf yet? Yellow kratom is a specialty variety, made using a fermentation curing technique that alters the alkaloids in green and white vein kratom leaves. The shift in alkaloid balances means yellow kratom strains offer benefits somewhere between red vein and green vein strains.

Try Borneo Yellow kratom leaf if you’re seeking deep relaxation with a touch of euphoric energy. Just enough to help you through an otherwise sluggish day, this strain has an appealing scent and that full-body sedation sensation so many users are seeking. If you’re feeling a bit of fatigue and pain from your chronic condition, Borneo Yellow kratom leaf could help.

Original Harvest brings you the finest kratom strains available online, all of which are shipped fresh from our certified organic farm in Indonesia. After being cultivated, harvested, and cured by expert growers, and delivered to our US and Canadian offices, our kratom is lab-tested for purity (we guarantee there are no additives or fillers in our kratom leaf and powder) and delivered straight to you – fresh and discreet – so you can experience the all-natural benefits of this ancient herbal remedy.

Try Borneo Yellow kratom leaf from Original Harvest, and discover natural health.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region





Green Vein and Red Vein



General Effects

Mild stimulation

Best For

AM or PM

Therapeutic Benefits

Energy; pain relief; relaxation

Alkaloid Concentration

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

9 reviews for Borneo Yellow Kratom Leaf

  1. Kevin

    good product, fast shipping

  2. Ben Y

    I get a kind of kratom high that you read about with this strain, so take it easy if you haven’t tried it before. I really enjoy it and find that it’s the perfect way to have a relaxing weekend after a long week. You’re still fully functional, but way more relaxed. Overall, love how easy it is to order and how fast my delivery comes.

  3. Erin D.

    This strain was kind of unique, I’d never tried yellow kratom before. It was good, kind of like feeling more relaxed but also more focused, if that makes sense? I’ve tried it in the morning and afternoon and enjoyed the effects at both times of day, but I’m sure it may not be the same for everyone. I liked the process of ordering it online and this company tends to have really good selection.

  4. Sophia I

    Def not the strain you want to use during the day. Makes me a little giddy, but I still feel good enough to do random things around the house. Plus, after I’m done my weekly chores, I can sit back and relax without feeling like I need more or that I haven’t done enough around the house. I love the tea I make with this stuff, but I’ve also steeped the leaves long enough to make a kind of extract. Good either way. Shipping was fast and I’ll be ordering online again.

  5. Trey Shaw

    Pain relief and a boost in energy is such a great combo! So often when you’re in pain, you don’t realize how draining it is on your body and mind. Not only does kratom help get rid of that pain, relieving that strain, but it also gives you an extra burst of energy. And whether you’ve tried kratom or not, you should definitely be ordering fromthis brand. I’ve tried a ton of different brands, and trust me, it doesn’t get better than this!

  6. Wendy B

    I actually love this strain for a lazy Sunday afternoon with the hubby. A few chores and whatever, but I feel great overall. Just a small cup of kratom tea in the morning has me feeling relaxed and stressfree all day. I prefer the kratom leaf to powder because I find the flavour isn’t as strong but some people might disagree. Either way, i love it!

  7. Derek C.

    In love with this stuff! Lately, I’ve had a hard time waking up early for work. My shift changed to an earlier time that has been draining my energy. To ease the transition a little bit, I bought this leaf as an alternative to drinking coffee every morning. Apparently a lot of coffee isn’t that good for you. I guess black coffee is OK but I don’t like the taste. This leaf worked great as a early morning pickup. I noticed a higher productivity level during my earlier shift.

  8. Michelle T.

    This is pretty good to take when you are feeling sluggish. It’s not my absolute favourite strain for energy, but it’s nice to make a tea with these leaves in the early afternoon when that mid-day slump hits. Always like the selection and fast shipping on Original Harvest.

  9. Claire N.

    My gym days always result in pain (sore muscles) and fatigue. I don’t understand people who feel energized after a workout. I usually hit the gym at 6am before work, but by the time I pull into my building’s parking lot, I’m ready for a nap. My fatigue and sore muscles can only be treated by one thing: Borneo Yellow. I make a post-work smoothie and pour some of this leaf into it and sip on it all morning. By 9am I’m ready to go.

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