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Bali 10x Kratom Extract Powder Pack

Bali 10x Kratom Extract Powder

(12 customer reviews)


Ease anxiety and eradicate pain with 10x Bali kratom extract powder from Original Harvest. Pure, organic kratom powder shipped fresh from Indonesia, for your holistic, natural health.


Kratom Description

Try 10x Bali Kratom Extract from Original Harvest! Each and every one of our products is certified 100% organic, and is meticulously lab-tested prior to sale. Don’t just take our word for it, though – find lab-testing results for our 10x Bali Kratom Extract right here in the product description!

Classic Bali Kratom with Extra Strength

Our Bali kratom is a potent choice for fans of classic Bali, one of the first types of kratom ever offered in North America. The leaves of Bali-born kratom trees are darker than other strains, and as such, the powder itself is often darker, regardless of the vein. One of our most affordable options, Bali kratom provides relief from pain and promote relaxation by easing anxiety. Bali Kratom Extract can also encourage changes in appetite, though depending on your individual chemical makeup, the strain may enhance or decrease appetite. Thanks to its pain-killing and relaxation properties that come from a combination of red and green vein leaves, Bali kratom extract evokes a sedating effect and as such, is considered a “slow” or “moderate” strain. At Original Harvest, we offer a number of regular-strength kratom powder options from Bali in addition to our potent 10x option. These strains are categorized by color – Red, Green, White, and Yellow – and are also available in capsule form.

How Much Bali Kratom Should I Use?

It should be noted that, like many kratom varieties, Bali kratom extracts and powders produce their well-known sedative effect in higher doses – very small doses often result in a stimulation or “fast” effect which, depending on body chemistry, may ease into sedation near the end of the period of effectiveness.

History of Kratom

Native to the tropical rainforest regions of places like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree in the same family as the coffee plant: Rubiaceae. The trees can reach close to 100 feet in height, with leaves as many as 8 inches long. It is these leaves that are used to make the kratom powders sold here at Original Harvest.

Though today in the Western world kratom is most commonly used in its dried form, as an age-old folk remedy for pain relief, mood elevation, and more, the raw leaves of the kratom plant were often chewed. Powders made from dried leaves were used as well, primarily in the making of a kratom tea.

Information about Bali

An island and province of Indonesia, Bali is located southwest of the country. The province includes the island of Bali, and several other islands nearby: Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. The collection of islands has a population of more than 4 million, and is of course a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful scenery and traditional dance, art, and music.

Get 10x Bali Kratom Extract from Original Harvest, today.

Kratom Characteristics

Vein Color

10x Kratom Extract

Region of Origin





Mild Stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning or Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Pain relief; stress and anxiety; relaxation.

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

7-HMG – high; mitragynine – low.

12 reviews for Bali 10x Kratom Extract Powder

  1. Leon Richards

    Whoa! This is definitely a strong strain. I’ve tried a lot of different companies for kratom and I really like your good selection and dedication to proving the quality – can’t wait to see the lab test results – I’ll be checking back regularly.

    This strain makes a huge difference to my chronic pain and my anxiety, and I guess I’m one of the people whose appetite is increased because I’ve been feeling like eating a lot more lately (good stuff, not junk), which is good since I’m trying to get healthy. Thanks for selling this strain.

  2. Matthew R

    I’ve been in the market for a natural pain reliever for awhile now, I’m sick of taking over the counter medications. I think I’ve hit the money with this Bali 10x kratom extract powder. It’s quote potent, more so than the original, and surprisingly versatile. No more pill-popping for me. Original Harvest shipped my order day after I placed it and it showed up a few days after that. Good quality, reasonable price. I hope they keep it up.

  3. Rick

    I’ve been loaded up on pain killers for so long that it’s been eating away at my stomach and I end up in more pain than before. no joke when I say that kratom tea has saved my health. Fast delivery, great customer service, quality kratom powder. I’ll be a customer for life.

  4. Phoebe

    I’ve been looking for a natural remedy for quite some time that would be able to soothe and ease my daily anxiety. I finally found the product that seems to do exactly that. This strain of kratom helps relax me in a way that generally makes getting through a typically anxious day a lot more manageable. I’ve been dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember and now I finally found something that works and that I can’t stop raving to my friends and family about.

  5. Issac B

    Switched over to the Bali extract from the regular red vein strain because I wanted something a little stronger and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, it’s a little too strong, or at least it took a few goes before I could get the right dose for me, and you really want to take a break between your doses with this too. I started feeling like my heart was racing so I give it a few days before I take another SMALL dose. I like it tho, and it gets to me quick. Good company.

  6. Hannah P.

    This is my new go-to to help me deal with my anxiety, which has gotten progressively worse lately. I like this strain in particular because it helps me relax and it can easily be made into a shot type drink or a tea. I have used other kratom strains for energy but this is the one I like when I need to take a break. I like ordering online because it saves me time.

  7. Robyn G.

    There aren’t any kratom stores near me so finding Original Harvest has been such a life-saver! As some of the other reviewers have said, this strain is pretty potent so I probably wouldn’t recommend it for first-time users, but it’s made a world of a difference for me. So glad I can chuck my OTC pills now. I also love the versatility of this powder, as it helps me with a number of different issues. I’ll definitely be purchasing from Original Harvest again.

  8. Mick F

    Love how versatile this strain is, and for such a great price too! This was the first strain I ever tried and I always seem to come back to it. I love using it in powder form too because it makes me feel like I can really get all the benefits in one package, just by changing up the dosage. I’ve tried a few different kratom brands and this company is by far the best out there. Can’t recommend them enough!

  9. Alicia H

    This kratom powder actually helps me relax a lot, but I find it best for me to take it in the monring. I make a kratom tincture or extract, I guess, and just do a shot. Not the best tasting, but I’d prefer not to take pills or mix it in something that I’m drinking for an hour. Really great online company overall with the best kratom products you’ll find.

  10. Susan E.

    If something is shipped directly from Indonesia, you know it’s gotta be good! I bought this power ahead of my college exams to try and relax a little bit. I get so stressed out before taking a test that I can’t focus on anything besides biting my nails. After my friend said this powder worked for her, I had to try it. What’s the harm, right? I noticed its effects right away. My heart rate slowed down and my mind stopped bouncing off the walls. I was able to sit still and focus.

  11. Sherry G.

    I’ve suffered from my anxiety my entire life. Everything I’ve tried from the drugstore, and even from medical professionals, has only welcomed additional symptoms. Some days I’ve felt restless, others I won’t eat a single thing. This kratom powder is the only thing that eases my anxiety without welcoming other symptoms. I feel totally “normal” and in control of my emotions. I love that kratom can always be measured out to the exact amount you want, so you can choose how powerful the effects are. The Bali 10x is my absolute favorite.

  12. Sasha N.

    This is my favorite powder from Original Harvest for anti-pain and anti-anxiety. One thing I notice about my mental state is that it directly effects my body. If my anxiety is peaking, I’ll feel pain all over my body. It’s like there’s a direct link between what’s going on in my head and body. This powder really kills two birds with one stone so I don’t have to mix two veins.

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