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Borneo Yellow Kratom Powder Pack

Borneo Yellow Kratom Powder

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Banish fatigue and ease away pain with our Yellow Borneo kratom powder. Created using a special curing method, this unique strain is still 100% pure and organic!


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Kratom Description

Made from the dried leaves of mature Borneo Mitragyna speciosa plants, our Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder has its own unique effects that leave it somewhere between a red and green vein. It is the special drying method undertaken our expert farmers in Indonesia that alters the alkaloid content of this strain and gives it its yellowish color.

If you’re looking for the deep relaxation of a Red Vein variety but also desire some of the euphoric secondary effect of the green and white veins, we recommend our Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder. Similar to our Green Vein Malaysian Kratom Powder, this strain offers up a tantalizing scent and the warm, comfortable sensation of sedation which those treating their opioid dependency will recognize.

Try our Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder when you’re feeling a touch of pain and fatigue, but don’t want to be overly energized due to your medical condition or the time of day. You should be safe taking this strain in the afternoon – Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder gives a lovely, moderate effect but should wear off in a few hours and leave you perfectly relaxed before your bedtime routine. Try this strain if you’ve enjoyed our Red Vein or Green Vein Borneo in the past, and want to try something a little different!

Best Selection of Kratom Strains

At Original Harvest, you’ll find a wide selection of only the finest, lab-tested kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) strains and varieties. By offering strains from every region – Borneo, Riau, Sumatra, Malaysia, Kapuas, and more – we ensure you can always find exactly what you need, and we stick to that promise by offering a 30-day exchange on any strain you try – if it doesn’t work for you, we’ll help you find one that does!

In addition to the usual Red, White, and Green Vein strains from each region, at Original Harvest we also offer Yellow varieties, which are not in fact a vein color but rather the result of a unique curing process. With four strains for each region, as well as specialty products like Red Dragon and 10x extracts, we have angled ourselves to be one of the most reliable and well-stocked kratom providers on the continent (our products all ship out of our warehouse in California).

Experience what dedicated, 100% organic farming means for your healing, all-natural medication by having your kratom products delivered right to your door by Original Harvest. Why not start with Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder, today?

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color

Green, Red




Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning / Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Energy; pain relief; relaxation

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

5 reviews for Borneo Yellow Kratom Powder

  1. Sara G

    I’ve ordered from you guys several times and am always impressed. Your shipping to Canada is fast and easy. Plus, the product is cheap enough that I can buy in bulk. So far, the yellow Kratom borneo powder is my favourite because it smells amazing. I recommend it to everyone.

  2. Thomas H.

    You can’t just order kratom online from anyone – you have to know that the company isn’t adding all kinds of fillers and unnecessary additives. I trust what I get from Original Harvest. I tried buying kratom from other stores and you can tell the difference in quality almost immediately. A Yellow like Borneo is supposed to relax you and there’s always a bit of happiness. Other brands you get way too much of a loopy high, something’s up right there.

  3. Britt F

    I use borneo yellow kratom for opiate withdrawal. It’s not really it’s own plant, as it’s mixed with the green and the red herbs, so it has a really unique quality to it. I don’t feel like I can’t do anything, but it does relax me and I don’t get any symptoms of withdrawal. I personally love it because it also helps with pain, and I can order right online.

  4. Lovette G

    I read a lot of people use this kratom for opiate withdrawal. I personally use it for mild fatigue. I actually really like the taste and smell of the tea. I don’t work a very fast-paced job, so this is the perfect amount of energy without feeling too stimulated. Even though I’ve only been using it for a few month, it’s an incredible difference. Order this stuff!

  5. JeromeMN

    One of the hardest things about finding a good pain medication is that so many of them have drowsy effects. My job is very tough on my body, and I’ve been very limited in my pain medication choices because I have to stay vigilant, and too often I just end up enduring in pain. My co-worker recommended buying online from here and this strain in particular, and I’m very glad I tried it out. It’s been so helpful and I’ve never been more productive at work!

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