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Horned Green Vein Kratom Leaf

Horned Green Vein Kratom Powder

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A boost of natural, clean-burning energy that kicks fatigue to the curb, Green Vein Horned kratom powder can also ease mild pain and improve your mood.


Kratom Description

“Fast” Horned Green Vein Kratom Powder

An energy-boosting “fast” variety of kratom, our Green Vein Horned Kratom Powder is a popular choice for those seeking a natural medication with numerous benefits.

Benefits of Horned Kratom

Green Vein Horned Kratom Powder from Growers Choice has the ability to eradicate fatigue and make you ready to face the day – like caffeine but with a cleaner burning type of stimulation that won’t leave you with the jitters that plague so many coffee lovers. In addition to this boost of fresh invigoration, green Vein Horned Kratom Powder can also offer:

  1. Pain relief from mild chronic or acute pain. While green vein is not as proficient as red vein in this regard, you will find some pain eased without the sleepy relaxation that accompanies most red vein varieties.
  2. Improved mood may leave you feeling happy and uplifted in addition to energized. This is a nice addition for those who struggle with a bit of depression, and it can also dull the sharp point of stress and anxiety.
  3. Mental acuity may be enhanced following your dose of Green Vein Horned Kratom Powder, which makes this strain a great choice for your morning. You’ll find yourself focused and less prone to distraction, and the long-lasting effects should carry you through a good part of your morning.
  4. If you’re looking for a bit of euphoria from your kratom dose, you’ll most likely have to take a bit more – small dosages of 1 or 2 grams should result in very little euphoria, if any, but higher doses of 4 or 5 grams could provide a bit of a mental rush. As we often note, all patients should start with very low doses of any kratom strain, and only increase their dose if their symptoms are not alleviated.

Where does kratom come from?

Kratom grows naturally in a number of places throughout Southeast Asia, including areas of Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Today, the harvest and use of kratom is unfortunately prohibited in Malaysia and Thailand, but the strains native to their land have been transferred to legal farms in Indonesia. Original Harvest is partners with one such farm, on which all our Mitragyna speciosa strains are tended and harvested by knowledgeable native farmers. Our kratom powders and extracts are certified organic and regularly lab tested when they arrive at our warehouses.

Try our premium, 100% pure Green Vein Horned Kratom Powder, today. Green vein effects not appeal? Try one of our other Horned kratom options.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color






Best Time for Use

Morning or Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Energy; pain relief; improve mood; aid productivity.

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

9 reviews for Horned Green Vein Kratom Powder

  1. Irene W

    I dislocated a disc in my spine a few years ago and don’t like taking pain meds. I make a kratom drink from a recipe I found online, which directed me to this company, and have been feeling some much needed relief. Plus, the extra energy was extremely helpful during the day. There seem to be so many benefits to this herb that I can’t stop reading about it.

  2. Triya J

    I take a pretty mild dose of horned green to avoid the kratom high, but it definitely improves my mood overall. I keep a small bit of kratom tincture with me most days even though I usually only make one tea in the morning. If you’re ordering in the USA, delivery is super fast. Great product all around.

  3. Addison N

    I’ve been looking for where to buy kratom locally, but ended up going online. This company always has stuff on sale, and prices are pretty cheap already. I’ve tried kratom before, but I can really taste the difference in quality. Pure kratom plant has a strong taste, so I know when it has fillers and this stuff doesn’t. I make a kratom tincture and keep it with me for when I want a mood boost. Really works!

  4. Jennifer A.

    I was so impressed with this strain and with Original Harvest. I basically didn’t feel like I needed coffee with all of the energy that I got. The fast shipping is great and shopping online is way more convenient. Im a happy customer!

  5. Poppy Y

    I originally bought this strain to help me stop drinking coffee, but it didn’t work like that for me. I used it for about a week drinking a tea, and just didn’t find myself as energized. Guess I just like that jolt you get from caffeine. Regardless, I did notice a huge improvement in my mood. No where near as grumpy during the day as I was before kratom. I just have this “balanced” feeling and am not as upset over small things anymore. As well, when I didn’t sleep well the night before, this herb still improves my mood as a whole. I think I’ll switch to a red strain and see how that works though.

  6. Lisa M.

    I was pleasantly surprised at the difference in energy level. It wasnt too much like where too much coffee might make you jittery. It was just like a “smooth” increase in energy. I really liked how it made me feel. Cant wait to try some other strains.

  7. Arshely Y

    I was recently diagnosed with depression, but didn’t want to have to take pharmaceuticals. My grandfather has taken SSRIs his whole life, and he had a really hard time adjusting when he got older. Kratom, after a lot of trial and error, has been the best thing for that. I can buy online and have it delivered to me in Canada, which can be difficult. Plus, the cheap prices mean that it’s an affordable natural option for me. Love this stuff.

  8. Liz W.

    This does exactly what the description of the product said it would. It gives you a good boost of clean feeling energy. I used to do energy drinks since I’m not much of a coffee drinker and they made me feel awful after, despite the energy. I feel much better switching to kratom and it’s actually really easy to make the switch because you can get good stuff online. I pretty much always order from Original Harvest because of the pricing and selection, but I’ve also tried a few other sites.

  9. Summer

    Energy. Energy. Energy. That’s all I can say about this powder. But it’s that clean energy that you can’t get from coffee or sugary energy drinks. The effects come on gradually and leave the same way. You may not even notice that you’re working twice as hard and twice as fast. It’s like something suddenly switches on in your brain. I love the way I feel knowing I’m working and hustling to my full potential. I save this powder for the days when my brain just does not want to cooperate.

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