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Horned White Vein Kratom Capsules

Horned White Vein Kratom Capsules

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Made from a unique kratom leaf, White Vein Horned kratom capsules deliver impressive energy that leaves you feeling alert and focused. Try our encapsulated delivery method.

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Kratom Description

Experience the effects of a truly “fast” strain with our White Vein Horned kratom capsules. Grown and harvested on our partner farm in Indonesia, our pure, authentic kratom powders are 100% certified organic and always free of fillers and additives.

White Vein Horned kratom capsules offer a stimulating experience thanks to the high levels of mitragynine, the most populous Mitragyna speciosa alkaloid of some 40 compounds within the plant.

For centuries, people native to the Southeast Asian regions in which kratom naturally grows have been using strains like White Vein Horned kratom to treat the fatigue and stress of repetitive manual labor. Today, anyone with a busy schedule or lengthy to-do list who struggles with insomnia or faces many late nights, can find natural, safe stimulation with this strain.

Red Vein and Green Vein strains tend to offer analgesic effects, with our Green Vein Horned kratom capsules being one of the better strains for tackling both fatigue and pain. White Vein Horned kratom capsules, however, do not deliver much in the way of pain management, and are certainly geared more toward people who require improved mental clarity, a boost in mood, and enhanced productivity throughout their work day.

Whatever your symptoms, at Original Harvest we encourage our customers to limit their kratom treatments to a maximum of once per day, and keep their dosages as low as possible. Patients just beginning to try kratom as an alternative to caffeine, antidepressants, sleep aids or opiods should not take more than 1 or 2 grams at a time.

Luckly, White Vein Horned kratom capsules make determining this dose extremely simple. Our vegetarian capsules are filled with 500 mg each of premium kratom powder, so you know just how much you’re taking every time. This discreet and easy method is an ideal daytime treatment for the busy insomniac.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color






Best Time for Use


Therapeutic Effects

Energy; mental clarity; aid productivity

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Mitragynine – high; 7-HMG – low

10 reviews for Horned White Vein Kratom Capsules

  1. Dina H

    I work 2 jobs, and find my biggest problem is staying focused during the day. I’m only 23, so I’m not in pain or anything, but just wanted to feel mental clarity. I googled natural options and found this strain. I didn’t even think about it and ordered right away. Now I’m glad I did, because this herb has really helped. I tried kratom tea before, but I couldn’t do the taste. Kratom capsules are the best!

  2. Sofia

    These kratom capsules are so amazing. I work nights, so during my days off I need something that can keep me feeling normal and like I’m not about to crash, These are it. Kratom pills are just so easy to stick in my purse just in case I forget to take them in the morning. I love that the prices are cheap and affordable. You can also find a lot of information on this site if you’re new to kratom

  3. Dio F

    Working as a manual laborer the last few years since high school and I’m usually up playing video games all night. I know I do it to myself, but I still need energy to get through the day. Ordered kratom pills 2 months ago and noticed a difference immediately. Weird that you’d think it’s get an herb, but I guess a lot of plants have medicinal properties. Will keep ordering, best stuff.

  4. Brian B.

    I had never actually tried kratom pills, only powder before, so I was eager to give these a try. I was not disappointed! I felt really awake and able to focus but never jittery or weird. Kratom actually works better for me than coffee does. It’s real easy to order online, too, which is awesome.

  5. Hannah R

    My first thought was, “WOW, these are strong.” But I stuck with it and took them for 2 weeks, and now I love them. I think the initial shock was partially because the effects lasted so long. Kratom pill benefits depend on the strain, and I was looking for energy and a bit of a mood booster. These work for both.

  6. Tessa M.

    My friend recommended this strain to me but I had a lot of trouble finding it anywhere else, and that’s what led me here. Wow, this site has more strains of kratom than I even knew existed! I always love how invested they clearly are in the benefits of this awesome supplement, and I hope more people discover kratom because of them! This strained definitely delivered on the energy, and I’ll probably get some of the powder too once I run out of the capsules.

  7. Sofia T.

    These capsules are PERFECT for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. I can’t drink coffee past noon, otherwise, I can’t fall asleep and keep tossing and turning in bed. That’s no fun. My friend suggested these capsules as they come from the special kratom leaf. It sounded so whimsical that I had to try it for myself. Needless to say, I’m impressed with the natural energy that comes from these capsules. It’s so easy to sneak one in at work when no one’s looking cause they’re so small. It’s like taking a 5-hour energy shot.

  8. Jade U

    If you’re looking for a kick in the butt in the morning, these kratom capsules are it. They didn’t take too long to kick in, and they reallllyyy work. I don’t remember getting this kind of alertness from coffee, which I still drink but rarely. I’ve tried a couple kratom vendors, but buying online from this company has beeen the best experience so far. Can’t wait to try some other strains!

  9. Bri N.

    Going back to school while working a full-time job is no joke and at first i was struggling. A friend in one of my classes told me about kratom and I figured I had nothing to loose. Wow. These really helped my focus and don’t make me feel weird at all. I not only always have them in my bag, I have told lots of others about them and this website.

  10. Dennis Hexton

    Why did I agree to take the 5:30am shift? Why did I do this to myself? I volunteered for a REALLY EARLY work shift and was prepared to kiss my energy goodbye forever. What is sleep? I started drinking coffee and Red Bull on the road to work only to come crashing down later. Too much sugar, too much artificial stuff. But then, kratom entered my life and I found a strain that’s perfect for boosting energy to the natural way.

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