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Horned Yellow Kratom Powder

Horned Yellow Kratom Powder

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Yellow Horned kratom powder will deliver some energy without over-stimulating. You'll find a gentle mood boost and anxiety relief with this unique strain, as well.


Kratom Description

Get work done without the buzz of stimulating caffeine with our Yellow Horned Kratom Powder.

How Is Yellow Kratom Made?

Yellow kratom powders are not made with a yellow veined leaf, the way red, white, and green strains get their names. Instead, Yellow Horned Kratom Powder is made with white and green leaves which are cured in a special way the encourages fermentation, and later dried in the sun, which is what gives them their yellowish tint. This unique process results in a different concentration of alkaloids than the white and green leaves that went began the process.

What is Horned Yellow Kratom Powder?

This Mitragyna speciosa strain is perfect for patients who enjoy the pain relief and deep relaxation of Red Vein Horned Kratom Powder but are sometimes looking for something with a bit less sedation. Though Red Vein does affect people in different ways, you’re likely to find our Yellow Horned falls somewhere between Red and Green, making it a suitable treatment for those days when you don’t need to go-go-go, but also aren’t looking to nap the day away.

Effects of Yellow Kratom

After a dose of Yellow Horned Kratom Powder, you’re likely to feel a gentle push of stimulation, less than our Green Vein Horned, but enough to keep you productive and alert while you carry out computer-based tasks or cram for an examination. Ideal for addressing a mid-day slump when you want enough to get you through the rest of the day but don’t want to be stimulated at bedtime, Yellow Horned Kratom Powder offers this moderate energy along with some stress and anxiety relief and improved mood.

Can I get kratom delivered in the US?

If you’re ordering from Original Harvest, you can feel secure placing your order, which will be delivered right to your door, wherever in the United States you may reside. Our warehouse is located in California, so the closer you live to the west coast the more quickly you will receive your order, though even those on the east coast won’t have to wait long!

The Best Yellow Kratom Online

At Original Harvest, we source our kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) from our partner farm in Indonesia, the trees on which are tended by experts with plenty of experience in the industry. The farm is proud to be certified 100% organic, and every batch of powder shipped to us is completely pure, with no additives or fillers. This ensures you get exactly what you paid for, and won’t fall prey to potentially dangerous interactions.

Place your order for Yellow Horned Kratom Powder today, and start feeling the benefits of this incredible, natural medication.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color

Green, White




Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning / Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Pain relief; relaxation; aid productivity; stress and anxiety

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

10 reviews for Horned Yellow Kratom Powder

  1. JC

    If you haven’t tried Mitragyna speciosa yet, you are missing out. Kratom tea is an excellent way get through the day without pain meds or caffeine. In fact, I’ve completely cut both out of my life. If you are looking for a replacement for both, like I did, order the Yellow Kratom Powder. It’s pretty much best of both worlds.

  2. Coco Y

    This strain is perfect overall for so many things, but definitely for days where there isn’t much going on. I’m trying to reduce my caffeine intake, as it affects my stress levels. One kratom drink a day and I’m good to go. If you are looking to buy this herb online, definitely buy from this company.

  3. Roman S

    Mitragyna speciosa is such an interesting plant. don’t believe the news. there are studies out there that show how great this herb is. It’s a supplement that can be used to combat a lot of health issues. Just read up. Kratom benefits me because it gives me a great balance between focus and energy. all I can say is order! You won’t regret it.

  4. Cindy

    This kratom strain always provides me with a great boost. I feel better and have more energy to get things done, without ever feeling jittery. Its great that they ship so fast and have a money back guarantee in case you don’t like what you got. Original Harvest definitely has the best kratom out there.

  5. Christine P

    I don’t personally need a lot of energy during the day, but I have 0 focus. I started using this kratom powder about 2 weeks ago and LOVE it. I feel so much more productive at work, less distracted, the whole bit. I’m also not as fatigued as I used to be. What I liked the best is that this herb is relatively cheap for all the benefits it has and shipping was easy and came on time.

  6. Candace

    I liked the bit of euphoria feeling I got with this strain but it made me feel a little bit too tired for my liking. I know it hits everyone differently. It wasnt bad at all, but I think I’ll try the white Kratom powder next. Great service from Original Harvest tho! Thanks!

  7. RobbieD

    I’m not someone who deals with stress very well. I work on a construction site that is constantly a mess, plus I’m doing physical labor all day. I have to say that this stuff really kept me going all day. I didn’t get as angry and the powder can be easily made into any kind of kratom drink. Cheap prices and great service will definitely keep me coming back..and oh, yeah, the obvious kratom benefits!

  8. Zoe C.

    I’ve been a kratom fan for a while, but I actually got this one for my boyfriend to try because sometimes he can just be a huge grump for no reason. We both love the effect this strain has on him! I can tell he is in a better mood and has more motivation to do the things we have planned (and to be spontaneous like me). I started ordering from Original Harvest a few months ago and haven’t gone back to any of the old sites because of the customer service and the affordability.

  9. Angus L

    Horned Yellow makes me feel mellow. Okay, that sounded lame and cliche, but it’s true. Horned Yellow is a great mood booster that keeps me on my toes with a subtle boost of energy. I’ve never been a huge fan of caffeine or coffee in general, so this powder is exactly what I needed to add to my morning routine. It’s smooth enough and effective enough to feel natural. Nothing is too overpowering. The feeling of Horned Yellow cannot be replaced by any pills or medications.

  10. Parker H.

    Who would have thought that something all-natural like kratom would work better for my anxiety than half the pills and medications out there? It just goes to show how delayed western medicine is when compared to what they’re using in Asia. I’ve known about kratom for a long time and am so happy that I can finally buy it from a trusted brand! Horned Yellow is my favorite product. I use it to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and keep my mood in check. I’ve been known to have drastic mood swings every now and then.

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