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Hulu Kapuas Red Vein Kratom Capsules

Hulu Kapuas Red Vein Kratom Capsules

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Originally harvested from inhospitable regions of Indonesia, our Red Vein Hulu Kapuas kratom capsules offer deep relaxation and relief from muscle and nerve pain, plus a mood boost.


Kratom Description

First harvested in the Hulu Forest region along the Kapuas River, this kratom strain is quite sought-after, but relatively rare. We’re so pleased to offer pure and certified organic Red Vein Hulu Kapuas kratom capsules here at Original Harvest, with all the freshness and alkaloid-richness our customers have come to expect.

Delivering gentle sedation, this “slow” kratom variety has a range of relaxing effects, depending on your personal body chemistry. You may find a dose of Red Vein Hulu Kapuas kratom capsules leaves you deeply relaxed and pain-free, but still relatively alert, or you may experience deep relaxation that leads you directly to sleep. Either way, Red Vein Hulu Kapuas kratom is undeniably an evening strain, best suited to those times when you need to wind down.

In addition to relaxation that acts as a potent analgesic, Red Vein Hulu Kapuas kratom capsules also offer a cheerful mood boost that can keep minor symptoms of depression at bay as you feel your entire body begin to calm. Get ready to spend some time on the couch with this strain – it’s definitely not meant for busy mornings!

If you have enjoyed the effects of Green Vein or White Vein Hulu Kapuas kratom in the past, our Red Vein Hulu Kapuas Kratom Capsules could be an excellent addition to your all-natural medication practices. This strain is also good for patients struggling to overcome an opioid addiction, as it offers similar effects and interacts with the body in the same way, drastically reducing withdrawal symptoms. Despite its similarities to opiates, Mitragyna speciosa does not cause respiratory issues and cannot interrupt breathing.

Try Red Vein Hulu Kapuas kratom capsules, today. Each vegetarian capsule holds 500 mg of our premium organic kratom powder, so you know just what you’re getting and can simply and discreetly take your desired dose. Avoid the bitter flavor of kratom powder by popping relatively tasteless kratom capsules instead!

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color






Best Time for Use


Therapeutic Effects

Relaxation; pain relief; improve mood

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

7-HMG – high; mitragynine – low

5 reviews for Hulu Kapuas Red Vein Kratom Capsules

  1. Kath D

    I work a pretty high stress job, so this helps balance me out. My friend tried it and thought it was too relaxing for during the day, but it works out to be perfect for me. COuldn’t stand the taste of the powder, so kratom pills all the way! The best part for me is that they don’t come in those pill bottles, so i can comfortable put the bag in my giant purse so I don’t forget to take them. Great packaging and great product.

  2. May V

    I’m a kindergarten teacher, so I need something to wipe out my aches and pains without giving me too much of a euphoric effect. I found this variety doesn’t give me a kratom high that people talk about. I’ve ordered from other companies, but I didn’t get the same benefits as I do from the strains this company offers. I also like the capsules, because I can take them once classes are over and I start to feel the effects by the time I get home.

  3. Patrick B

    Of the slow kratom veins, I consider this one one of the best. For me, it’s been very relaxing and there is considerably less pain than with say Tylenol or something of the like. I don’t do prescription, so this was a natural option for me, it’s also a lot cheaper than medication you get from the store. I’ve let my buddy, who’s always in the gym, try this one after a really tough leg day and even he was impressed with how well it worked and his recovery the next day. If it’s good enough for me, I think it’s good enough for anyone.

  4. Kevvie P

    I bought these from a recommendation. Person said they put you right to sleep. I find they just really relax me, which is what I needed to get to sleep anyways. Pop one kratom capsule a few hours before bed, and by the time I crawl under the covers I’m in lala land. Haven’t tried kratom powder, but love kratom pills. Super easy to carry with me and has pretty potent benefits for an herb. Who would have thought?

  5. Michele O

    The first time I tried this strain I tried it in the morning, and that was a bit of a mistake. But even since then, it’s been perfect for nights when my sciatica is acting up. It doesn’t put me right down, but it definitely is not a morning strain for me! The trial and error was worth finding this strain though, because it’s just so much cheaper than any other pain relief solution I’ve ever tried. I’ve ordered from Original Harvest a couple times and they’re always great to deal with!

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