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Kali Green Vein Kratom Leaf

Kali Green Vein Kratom Leaf

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Green Vein Kali kratom leaf delivers much-needed energy for those who didn't get enough rest the night before. Add in pain and anxiety relief for a well-rounded strain.


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Kratom Description

Kali Green Vein Kratom Leaf Delivered

Originally cultivated in the Kalimantan region of Borneo, Kali Green Vein kratom leaf is a balanced, “moderate” strain ideal for treating mild to moderate aches and chronic pain during the day, when you need a bit of extra energy to help you through.

Whether your fatigue is caused by your illness or just a symptom of our hectic modern lifestyles, this strain can help. In Kali Green Vein kratom leaf, you’ll find a fairly even distribution of the two most prevalent alkaloids: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This balance of alkaloids means you’ll benefit from both the gently stimulating and the gently sedating benefits of kratom in this single strain.

Kalimantan Kratom for Minor Pain Relief

Though kratom leaf strains like Kali Green Vein do contain compounds that act similarly in the body to opioids, kratom has been shown again and again to be a safer treatment for chronic pain and for people seeking to reduce their intake of opioid medications. This is due to the low levels of alkaloids in kratom, and the inability of the plant to affect the vital respiratory functions of the body and brain – kratom cannot make you stop breathing (the main cause of overdose deaths from opioids).

Natural Health with Kratom

If you’re concerned about the effect opioid medications might be having on you, reach out to Original Harvest today to try all-natural, 100% organic kratom powders, capsules and leaf like Kali Green Vein kratom leaf. Discover natural health with Original Harvest.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Green Vein





General Effects

Mild stimulation

Best For

AM or PM

Therapeutic Benefits

Relaxation; energy; pain relief; stress and anxiety

Alkaloid Concentration

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

3 reviews for Kali Green Vein Kratom Leaf

  1. Jodi

    definitely helped with relaxation, and at the same time kept my stress levels down and maintained my energy level. highly recommended!

  2. Fern H

    I never knew an herb can do so much. i started using Kratom for opiate withdrawal, and have been 6 months without using. It’s helped reduce pain levels and opioid use. I’m still using it because it helps with my bad back, and also because I feel more energized, relax, and I even sleep better. I make a kratom drink every day by mixing it in a smoothie, which helots mask the tape a little.

  3. Karl L

    Just as the site suggests, I found this strain to be one of the most well-rounded strains I’ve ever tried. It gives me a great little boost in the morning, and I feel mentally clear and ready to tackle the day. I’m glad I’ve been able to find a 100% organic kratom provider, as I’ve felt so much better since I got off caffeine. This is one supplement I have no issues with recommending to all my friends—don’t know where I’d be without it!

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