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Maeng Da White Vein Kratom Capsules

Maeng Da White Vein Kratom Capsules

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Our White Vein Maeng Da kratom capsules are an excellent option for fighting fatigue while also benefiting from pain relief. Vegetarian capsules make it easy to dose our 100% organic kratom powder.

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Kratom Description

For stimulation when pain is less of an issue, turn to White Vein Maeng Da kratom capsules. A “fast”, energetic strain, this Maeng Da variety offers fatigue-fighting power that can help you tackle the workday with productivity and concentration.

Despite being the least analgesic of our four Maeng Da strains, White Vein Maeng Da kratom capsules can provide minor relief to aches that plague you through the day. If you find minor pain makes your concentration wane and your clarity fog, then a strain like this could be the perfect choice. White Vein Maeng Da kratom is known for causing extremely mild or no side effects whatsoever, despite it’s impressive, clean-burning energy benefits.

Originally grown in Thailand, Maeng Da strains including our White Vein kratom was first used by manual laborers in the regions near where it grows. White Vein Maeng Da kratom helped ease the pain from repetitive movement, and kept the brain sharp despite the somewhat dull nature of some of the work. Back then, patients would chew the raw Maeng Da kratom leaves or brew the dried leaves into a tea. Today, patients have the option to bypass the rather bitter flavor of the Mitragyna speciosa plant and simply pop a capsule or two.

At Original Harvest, we believe in offering only the purest of products, and that’s why everything is 100% certified organic, and our capsules are plant-based and vegetarian with no superfluous ingredients. Each White Vein Maeng Da kratom capsule holds about 500 mg of powder, which means one or two capsules is the perfect dosage for patients new to this treatment. We recommend taking only a single daily dose, or even less often if possible, to avoid the tolerance and dependence that can come with over-using any medication.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color





Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use


Therapeutic Effects

Enegy; endurance; fight fatigue; alertness; minor pain relief

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Mitragynine – high; 7-HMG – low

8 reviews for Maeng Da White Vein Kratom Capsules

  1. Daisy T

    I have this weird thing with my scalp that literally has zero medical treatment. It just aches all the time, so I often feel like I have a headache. I wear my hair short, so it’s not like it’s pulling. Regardless, kratom capsules really helped me get my focus back. One of my colleagues suggested I try kratom tea, but I didn’t like it, so I tried the capsules and found they work just as well.

  2. Nick S

    I take a capsule first thing when I wake up after I drink a glass of water, have my morning coffee, and take my vitamins. This gives me an extra pep in my step and jump starts my morning by giving me the boost of alertness and energy I need. It lasts throughout the days and fights off my general afternoon fatigue while I’m at work. This is a great natural product I trust and will happily recommend to others. It’s super convenient that it already comes in the mail ready in kratom capsules too.

  3. Chrissy Q.

    These capsules help me out when I know I’ve got a big deadline coming up. I started taking them to help me focus, and then realized they were also helping get rid of minor tension headaches I hadn’t even really noticed I was suffering from. It’s really made a huge difference in my life, and I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Original Harvest. I’ve heard that some other brands cause weird side effects, but I’ve never had anything like that with my Original Harvest capsules. A quality product all around!

  4. Carly

    If you’re looking for something to get rid of your aches and pains without any of the drowsiness, then this strain is awesome! Not only does it not make me drowsy, I also find it helps give me that extra little boost in the morning—almost as good as coffee! This was the first product I ordered and I had no issues whatsoever. I can’t wait to order some more stuff and see what some other strains have to offer!

  5. Marie P

    I have a mild form of scoliosis that has been plaguing me since I was a kid. The treatments they had back in the 90s were nothing that they have now. I used to go to the chiropractor every week in pain and they’d crack my neck for low back pain. Now, I see the chiro once a year and it turns out it’s only a muscular issue that can be reversed with exercise and the like. Since I tend to favor one side, I get this ache in my low back that just gets worse if I don’t do anything then it gets so bad that I can’t do anything. I started taking kratom pills a few months ago to help with that and they’ve actually increased the benefits I get from other treatments as well. I’m no longer in constant pain, so i can go to my chiro treatments, massage therapy, etc., and do my exercises. There’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

  6. Lexi K.

    I’m no stranger to smoking weed before a tattoo appointment. I do it all the time and have tons of experience with pain-killing strains. Out of them all, I prefer these capsules the most. The last thing you want is to feel tired or cranky in the middle of a session, that’s only going to make the experience go by slower. So, these capsules are the perfect combo of feeling awake and pain-free. I recommend these capsules for all my tattooed friends or anyone who has a painful moment coming up.

  7. Katy R.

    After falling asleep during my office’s Monday morning meeting (I’m dead serious — someone said they heard me snore), I knew I needed something stronger than coffee to keep me alert and focused. This white strain is great for warding off fatigue after a restless night — or a night of partying. I say this kratom packet is my ultimate hangover cure because it also offers pain relief when I have headaches. This white vein clears my mind so I can focus on work and gets rid of my nausea.

  8. Stephanie Oster (verified owner)

    I don’t know about weight loss benefits which is what I really wanted but there are other effects I enjoy. It does give me a great feeling of calm, focus, & general well being. I was able to complete more daily tasks & stay focused when needed. I could also multi task more effectively & just felt an over all good vibe. I’m usually very irritable, quick to loose my cool, & annoyed fairly easy. Those character traits were on the back burner almost instantly & without trying. I took 2 to 3 capsules a day skipping a capsule here & there or a day here & there for 14 days & I’d swear by the benefits I just listed. I’m definitely happy with using this & had no bad side affects or withdrawal or cravings for it after stopping use either. It’s worth a try even if it doesn’t help your initial ailment it can help other things.

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