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Maeng Da White Vein Kratom Powder

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Experience one of our most potent strains. You'll see why White Vein Maeng Da kratom powder is everyone's top pick for energy and mental clarity, as well as moderate pain relief.


Kratom Description

A stimulating strain with somewhat fewer pain-relief qualities than our other Maeng Da strains, our White Vein Maeng Da kratom powders are nevertheless an excellent choice for those plagued by fatigue or struggling with the repetition or physical stress of their day-to-day work.

Originating in Thailand, our White Vein Maeng Da kratom powders are sourced from our partner farm in Indonesia, where they are grown with certified 100% organic methods. We want to ensure we’re providing you with only the finest, purest kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) powders available, and that’s why we lab test each and every one of our strains. These tests can be viewed right here on the product page (and learn more about them on our Lab Testing page)!

A rather unique version of regular Maeng Da, our white vein variety is highly stimulating (fast) and can enhance your mental facilities and physical wellness as well as any of our energizing strains. Many users have reported that white vein Maeng Da does not cause the minor side effects seen in some other kratom strains, and offers clean, sharp concentration.

Maeng Da is known for its pain relief qualities, and though white vein varieties often have less benefit in this regard (they are most often used to fight fatigue and the strain of repetitive labor), that is not to say our White Vein Maeng Da cannot provide any analgesic benefits at all. Indeed, many users report relief from mild pain with this strain, without the deep sedation found in most red vein strains. That said, the green vein Maeng Da is still your best bet if you’re primarily seeking pain relief! If you’re looking for a crisp, clean energy boost, white vein is your friend.

Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Originating in Thailand, Maeng Da is a specialty version of kratom designed to help manual laborers. This effect still has major benefits for modern day workers, regardless of whether your work requires long hours hunched over a computer, or working outdoors or in the fields.

Try our White Vein Maeng Da for energy and mental stimulation that can help you through the dreariest of days!

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color





Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use


Therapeutic Effects

Enegy; endurance; fight fatigue; alertness; minor pain relief

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Mitragynine – high; 7-HMG – low

12 reviews for Maeng Da White Vein Kratom Powder

  1. Chris

    Yes! Everything I’ve ever heard about Maeng Da is true – this strain is wonderful for fending off the exhaustion I tend to feel in the mornings – better than coffee, and minus the crash. This is high quality kratom.

  2. Kenneth Young

    Woah, does this White Vein Maeng Da give a kick! Like, right away, you feel it and bam! Now I know why it’s so popular, gees it will get you through the day no problem. I found it on Original Harvest, I’ve only ordered it from them so I can’t compare it to any other brand but I don’t feel like its worth it. They do me right.

  3. Barry K

    I really can see why this variety is constantly sold out. if you’re a fan, buy a few bags at a time. I’ve searched for a bunch of different ways to use kratom powder, including kratom tea, just to switch it up a notch. What’s best about this white strain is that I used to get headaches a couple times a month and haven’t gotten any since I started using it.

  4. Rafe S

    I’ve really found the white vein to be great for when I need to get a job done. Just a single dose and I feel completely focused – a whole new mind set, it’s almost unbelievable but I’ve experienced it so I know it to be true. I use kratom powder because that’s what I can have delivered to me. It’s not so bad, though I can see why some people might not like how strong the flavor is. I do a kratom tea a few mornings a week, wakes me up and gets me going. I’ve tried all the colors of the Maeng Da variety from this company, all quite impressive, but I prefer the White. I have some red though, which I only use sparringly.

  5. Alessia H.

    If you’ve got a big presentation or meeting coming up, I’d highly recommend trying white Maeng Da! It wakes me up better than coffee, and I feel like I can focus for hours. I also love that it kicks in pretty much right away. I’ve ordered off Original Harvest a few times and I always feel like I’m getting away with something at these prices. You won’t find a better product, especially not for this cheap! I always buy a couple bags at a time because I never know when it’s going to be sold out!

  6. Dennis K

    I don’t know if I’d recommend this for people who’ve never tried kratom before, but if you’ve already gotten familiar with its effects then this strain packs quite a punch. It’s perfect for me in the morning to help perk me up, and helps keep the aches and pains related to my job at bay. I’m very grateful that I found this supplement, and am just as glad that it’s so easy to order from a great, high-quality brand like this.

  7. Cindra D.

    This was one of the first or second kratom strains that I had ever tried and I always keep coming back to it. I love the concentration that I get from it–it’s perfect blended up in a smoothie before you start a serious study session. I’ve not used it specifically for pain relief but I could see how it might be effective for that, too. Will definitely keep ordering this one.

  8. Nicole H.

    For some reason this stuff didn’t really help me with focus as much as some other kratom strains. However, I did find that this strain made my arthritis feel much better, so I’ll keep using it for that purpose. I guess you really do have to try things out to see what effect that have on your own body.

  9. Luna Y

    It is super difficult to find a company that offers mitragyna speciosa without anything added to it. The fact that this plant is also organic makes it that much better. It’s rare for a company to offer organic kratom. So, I did decide to buy online specifically for these reasons. When it comes to herbs, quality matters. I can tell you from experience that when you get something with a bunch of filler, you won’t experience the benefits the way you would from something pure. Great to know companies like this still exist!

  10. Miranda R.

    YAAAS so happy this powder is on sale now! I love this powder for its energizing effects. Lately, I’ve found myself trading in coffee for this power. Coffee can sometimes rub me the wrong way but this powder always does the trick. It’s never too mild or too extreme if you know how to measure it out properly. I highly recommend this powder for anyone who’s looking for a pick-me-up in the middle of the day. If you can’t stay awake, this is the powder for you! I mix it into my breakfast smoothie.

  11. Sally P.

    This white strain is great for giving you a boost of energy. I used to rely on coffee and energy drinks to make it past by 3pm meeting, but I know that stuff is pure poison (the energy drinks, I mean). I also noticed they were TOO strong and kept me up at night. This white vein strain is a great way to increase energy without the late-night curfew. I’ve never tossed and turned after taking it. I also noticed that my mind felt clear and focused, which meant I could get more work done in a shorter time.

  12. Charlotte H.

    Be sure to read the description before you buy it! When OH says this is their most potent strain, they’re not kidding around. I was sent on a mental journey thanks to Maeng Da White — but it was all positive! It’s like a switch went off in my mind and I was suddenly more focused, energized, and motivated. I spent the day typing and working away (and it was a SATURDAY). That’s how motivated I was to focus my thinking into something productive for work.

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