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Malaysian Red Vein Kratom Leaf

Malaysian Red Vein Kratom Leaf

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Need pain and stress relief? Look no rather than Red Vein Malaysian kratom leaf. This soothing strain is certified organic, 100% pure, and delivered right to your door.


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Kratom Description

Do you need to relax and soothe your chronic pain? Well, a strain like Malaysian Red Vein kratom leaf could be just the ticket. Whether you’re planning to do a bit of easy work or just veg out on the couch for a few hours, you’ll probably appreciate the “moderate” effects of this strain, which is known for being a bit more stimulating than most red vein varieties.

If you like Green Vein strains but are looking for something just a touch more sedating, try Malaysian Red Vein kratom leaf. You won’t fall asleep, but nor will you feel quite the energy you’d experience from a green or white vein variety. Rather, you’re likely to feel your stress begin to melt away as you carry on with your day. Relaxation will take over your muscles and bones, and residual chronic pain will wash off you, even as your mind stays awake.

Original Harvest kratom capsules, leaf, and powder are all sourced from our partner farm, located in Indonesia, which we are proud to share is a certified organic facility. After our expert cultivators have harvested, dried, and cured our kratom products, the fresh powders and leaf are shipped to us. They come straight to you – after we package capsule orders ourselves in vegan caps – and a sample of each strain is sent to our lab, where the authenticity, purity, and alkaloid content of each is confirms. We share these results on our website, so you always know you’re getting what you paid for.

Try Malaysian Red Vein kratom leaf and discover natural health with Original Harvest.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Red Vein





General Effects


Best For

PM or Night

Therapeutic Benefits

Pain relief; relaxation; sleep aid



Alkaloid Concentration

high in 7-HMG; low in mitragynine

2 reviews for Malaysian Red Vein Kratom Leaf

  1. Clark G

    Everyone says the Red Vein kratoms are the strongest but I like that the Malaysian Red isn’t super strong like the Maeng Da, it doesn’t knock you off your feet or put you out in an instant, but it really does the trick when it comes to dealing with pain and stuff. It kind of just settles you down. I feel a bit heavy after taking it but I only use it when I know I won’t have to move around or run out of the house. It’s great on the weekend. I’ve seen a lot of stuff said about kratom online, but to me the benefits have far outweighed anything negative, though I really haven’t experienced any bad side effects! Moderation is key, and I’m careful to use the leaf sparingly. I hope other people find kratom and find relief like I did. Thanks, OH!

  2. Lucy Illis

    I’ve had runner’s knee for about 4 year now, and it’s excruciating when it flares up. I still run, but with a brace to help strengthen the muscle. When it does cause me grief, Kratom is the first thing I use. It’s very relaxing, so I only use it in the evening. Love that I can just order online and have it delivered. It also steeps really well and makes a nice tea, perfect for a night of rest plus a whole lot of other benefits!

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